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Hey has anyone done any fishing at green timbers lately??? and was it any good???

I was there yesterday, caught a bunch of bullheads of all sizes (as usual if you're bottom fishing with worms) and my buddy caught a tilapia (or carp?) fishing on the bottom as well. I was told that there was crappies in there but the person who said that probably has never seen one in their life.

i fished that lake a bullheads in green has cat-fish and goldfish and trout and small sturgeon(a few)that apparently someone had released in there...i've seen one jump a few times one day and heard stories of them being caught and then released back...tilapia is a fresh water tropical fish...i have caught many with my bare hands...i dont think they'll survive in lakes here

Ya I fished there yesterday from 10am to 1:30pm on top with a bobber and a worm but next time I'm going to try on bottom cause I didn't even get a bite.

Wait you mean like the goldfish you put in your aquarium???

Yeah, there's also a few koi's in there that you'll see swimming around occasionally near the surface. I'll try and get an decent picture of those so called "crappies" and you guys tell me what you think. I used to fish at Hatzic a lot back in the day and caught plenty of black crappies there, and these fish in green timbers are definitely not them. They don't look like white crappies either, so I'm stumped..

well thats great. tilapia are from the cichlid family. they are found in aquariums everywhere. very hardy and territorial species. these things multiply like crazy giving eggs like crazy. They grow extemely fast in large aquaruims. must of got dumped recently into there. They are definately not crappie or a native species. if left unchecked they will take over the lake. Just great.....if your a tilapia eater take them home to eat as many as you can. most look like this one.

Does anyone know what the biggest trout out of there was???

Hey I just remembered something, if there are crappies in there and you catch one take 3 to 4 feet of 2-10lb test line and tie a balloon on one end and tie the other end 2 where the hook was then release it and since crappies swim in schools all the time you can follow where the crappie is going but since theres no boats aloud in green timbers its kinda a bad plan cause you should remove the balloon before you leave.

I was there from 5-8pm today. Caught one at about 8pm with a shrimp piece on the bottom. By the way Beak007, your post there couldn't of been anymore useless..could it?

if it was a tilapia someone must have released it this summer....they will not survive the winter for sure coz its a tropical fish...needs warm water to live and yeah they do multiply rapidly and are very the east end of the lake(by the trees)....good wary of the ospreys...they sit on the tree top and steal your fish while u reel them in close to the to see them do that...i've made a few video's of them doing that...its best to fish off the bottom with power bait....rainbow and green works well...they dont bite well on hot time is spring time to fish there...heard of 7 and 10 pounders been caught there....brood stock i ready to pull a

Alright guys, here's an actual pictures of em from two week ago. I'm thinking they might even be small carp of some kind..I need someones fish identifying expertise cause this is driving me nuts.

definetely a species of carp...little different body type than the ones from my area but no questions asked, they're carp

Thanks for confirming that mcs

@Beak007, Someone should phone you in for being a moron... we didn't keep those fish. The Chinese people fishing next to us wanted them to throw in their pail but didn't have ice.

Trivium....u guys are fishing the shallow end....mostly catfish that end...good for flyfishing early morning or late across the other end.....much better spot....all the trout hiding there if theres any if you hook onto one...wait for cooler days or fall...they rarely bite on summer days...been there and tried that a few summers...but its fishing......u never know and u may have a great day...

ya I perfer the other side better.
and beak07 dude i agree with Trivuim your reply's are pretty useless and random.
killer fisher

green power bait eggs works great with bottom fishing
killer fisher

or gulp eggs work well to but try green

Right.. I'm under the impression that you like to tell people off in order for them to understand something. Get that stupid idea out of your head. Never assume anything either cause it just stirs up shit unnecessarily, those fish were dead and being kept in the water to avoid spoiling since the people who wanted them didn't have any ice to put em on, only a pail they were ready to load up. I guess you failed to read my last post. I'm certain most, if not all the anglers on this forum are aware of current BC fishing regulations right and wrongs, including myself. Do everyone here a favor and quit posting such garbage.

how did you catch those carp and cats i have fished there like 100 times and never caught anything?!

Easy man just throw out a worm on a hook on the bottum! You can pretty much catch those bottum type fish the same way everywhere around the lower main land. I catch cat fish in the fraser all the time but they are mostly baby ones in the fraser it seems. throw on a weight and a hook with a worm and you should get some easy!

If you want to go fishing some time I will go with ya and fish too! Allways looking for new fishing buddies around here. I am in new west.

Is there still cat fish in green timbers and i also heard there were bass in there not sure if it was a rumour

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