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killer fisher

hey there i live close to the serpentine river on 168 st and i hear there is ppl that fish there but i want to is when to fish and what to use,and what type of fish are in that river. i was there today checking it out there is like a wooden bridge there there is that where to fish ??

killer fisher

Fishing is not as good as it was when I was a kid but there are a gazillion bullhead in there, there are carp, some resident rainbows and the very odd dolly and odd smaller sturgeon. Cuthroat and Salmon in season but check the regs.

If you fish off the bottom 99% of the time you wil catch bullhead. try flies or a float with a earth worm not dew worm or bread for trout and carp.
killer fisher

thanks i heard
are in the river and to fish down stream of 168 st is that true

Yep.. you cannot fish above 168th at any time of the year.

You cannot fish below 168th between 9pm and 5am.. Aug 1st thru Dec 31. Single barbless hook.
killer fisher

but what is running right now and whats to use

carp and garbage/pollution
killer fisher

im just going fishing there because its down the road, but i am always getting diffrent answers

I have seen salmon caught in that river but closer to the flood gates on the King George but they would pass 168th anyway.

If salmon are open and in there I would try an orange spin and glo or roe. But if you fish roe off the bottom you will catch endless bullheads.

With the Serp and Nic I usually just use the earth worm or bread under a bobber and not to far out. Carp you will usually see them swirl but some jump though. But you will still catch your fair share of bullheads using a float too unfortunately.

I go with the intention of fishing for carp and sometimes you can be surprised what you may catch.

Maybe try roe under a bobber? But check the regs for salmon though.

I have been there fishing often but i've never caught a carp.

Next time I go I would love to try to catch one, can anyone help me with this and give me some tips.

if you guy read regs better I believe u cant fish on sepr/nic in apr-jun ...
seen coho , spring caught in them in autumn , trout and crappies . never seen a bullhead or carp .

ive been fishing there for 25+ years... just not that high up.. 64 and 152 bridges... i havent seen a bullhead there in 15 yrs... tonnes of catfish... res rainbows, huge carp, sunfish/bluegill, coho and chum when salmon season happens the odd dolly varden... res and oceanrun cutthroat...up to 22" and ive seen bigger ones marauding around.... oh .and i get them on the bottom... on dew worms...spinner is effective as well... anyone who thinks the serpentine is polluted... should take a walk and actually look... first thing you'll notice is a family of otters... when they leave, its probably safe to say its dirty and theres bivalve mollusks present... the water must be clean to sustain this sort of life.

152 bridge probably produces more carp but ive caught huge ones at the 64 bridge, the nicomekl on 152... thats a good spot for carp... i fish with no weight just a swivel and 3ft leader and a fat dew werm... best time is feb-march... then the river is closed until july1st and just put it the time and you should get one...

** Yep.. you cannot fish above 168th at any time of the year. **

It is 168th above Bothwell park not down around Fraser Highway (as river bends and passes 168th twice) area. You can fish the serp at 176Th for example if one wanted to.

how do you cast without weight ?!

Fishing forum > serpentine river on 168 st


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