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The rod is Canadian Methods CMSS902M, and I hope somebody can explain about it some details which are not very clear for me;
On the rod it’s written: “9’ Medium Spinning Line Wt.10-25 Lure Wt.3/8 ly”
9’- the length is 9 feet
Medium Spinning – I suppose this refers the action as medium, between slow and fast? The reel should be a spinning one.
Wt. 10-25 – this would be the power of the rod, for lines between 10 lb and 25 lb this is medium heavy power;
Lure Wt.3/8 – this is one inscription about the weight of the lure you can cast, that puzzles me; does it mean maximum 3/8 ounces?
Would be very awkward to cast a 3/8 spoon with 25 lb mono line, if not impossible; does it mean minimum 3/8 ounces? more appropriate with the line weight, but what is maximum? Does it mean around 3/8 ounces, let’s say 1/4 to 1 ounce? Usually, the lure weight it's in a range.
ly – I have no idea what that is

What method of fishing is this rod intended for? Trolling?

"does it mean maximum 3/8 ounces?"

Yes any heavier and you risk breaking the rod.

It's a casting rod made by Fenwick for throwing small spoons/spinners.

It would be a poor trolling rod.

usually the line weight goes up to 12-15 lb for a maximum lure weight 3/8-1/2 oz;
the fenwick looks a little unbalanced for mono line,
but excellent for braided line;

Fishing forum > inscription on a fishing rod


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