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Carp Chaser

I was wondering if anybody knows of any lakes from vancouver to kelowna area that have carp in them. I am from Vancouver Island and I have heard that some mainland lakes have carp in them and I love fly fishing for any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.....thanks in advance

Burnaby lake has some and so does osoyus lake.

Lots of carp in Hatzic lake east of Mission, on Logheed highway. Big uns. Some of the people are bow fishing for them, quite neat to watch. Also a lot of carp in the sloughs up by Swaneeset Golf Club in North Maple Ridge.

duck lake in winfield(kelowna)

isn't bow fishing illegal?
fisher 696

I believe you can bow fish for Carp but that's about it..It is a No No for salmon or any other game/fin fish..

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