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Can somebody tell me, what is the name of this fish?Thank you in advance.
trout dog

Don't know his name, but he looks like a Cutthroat to me!

looks more like a rainbow to me... no spots, silver... looks like he's been hanging out in some water a little while after the bonk! pretty pale.

it looks like a very thin, immature bull trout to me

i believe it is a skinny bull trout too. look at how big the head is.

Looks like a Kokanee to me.

lol it's a rainbow

bull would have much bigger colourful spots along the back... rainbow all the way

looks like dinner to me ;\

The big mouth indicates that its a cutthroat, not a bow.

I would like to add that if you don't know what it is, don't bonk it!!!

Looks like it will be sitting in someones freezer for a couple years then thrown out....
WV killed it, you eat it

definitely it's a fish!
looks like a cutthroat who lost some color!
how does it smell?

The only thing rolley is stocked with and ever was (to my education) is rainbow trout, there are wild cutthrout though that come from the creek they are hard to catch though, your fish could be some kind of hybrid

Fishing forum > Rolley Lake


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