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I have a question about trolling and what line is best to use. I over heard someone talking about trolling and going 3 colors down.I assume it was weighted line but I'm not sure. He also mentioned lead line.
Can someone fill me in on good trolling line for fishing on lakes with deeper water and what colors down means.


the darker the colour, the deeper the line will sink and sinking line is rated by inches per second. depending on how fast your trolling (in a boat w/motor or belly boat) and how deep the fish are will depend what line is best. in my belly boat i like a 1.5 to 2.5 in/sec depending on the time of day.

but i'm still new.

i have seen copper line , but not lead. lead is more common in weights. pollutant.

the leader is the line on the business end. sometimes called a lead (leed or led weights)

i used to use lead core line when trolling in okanagan lk. it might have changed as that was 25 years ago but every 10 yeards the colour changed so you could tell how much line you had out. they used to sell mono like that as well.
check at a good tackle shop.

no more lead core. they switched to copper for safety etc. reasons

maybe you were referring to my note on trolling Yellow lake. Lead coe (generic term) is sectioned off by colours. word has it, and very close to my experience, is each colour let out is approx 8' in depth. 3 colours= 24'. all other components come into play. ie. speed, item trolled, even water temp. use a long leader 30' at least, and plenty of backing line on a level wind reel-a keen eye on the depth finder and good luck! I've yet to find a species that cannot be targeted. (black crappie is not a species in my book!)

Fishing forum > Weighted trolling line.


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