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May be moving to Vernon. Anyone have any local knowlege on the town?

what do you want to know? have lived and worked there since 1980.

Ive also born and raised from vernon 21 Years I know pretty much all the lakes.Great fishing!
Green Dodge Guy

I'v lived here almost 20 years and I know many of the higher elevation lakes around here and nothern ok. Any question's i'd be glad to help out.

I had no idea there were others from Vernon on this board. Dam we should almost plan to fish the same lake someday

I have an interview for a job there and if things work out we will be moving there. Just wonderig if there are any parts of town that we should avoid living in? AKA the Surrey sections. And for all you Surrey people that are about to bash me, I lived in Surrey for 5 years, its a hole! or should I say it's not the type of place I want to live and raise my family, Anyways. If I get the job we are going to rent a place for a year and then look at buying once things settle with the job. How are some of the smaller towns Lumby, Enderby, Etc?

I was Project Manager for a development proposed for Enderby

It's a small town with rural roots

My wife wouldn't live there (but then she finds Kelowna a small uncultured place) She used to fly to New York for the weekend, when she lived in Toronto
Green Dodge Guy

Vernon's pretty good for the most part. It's gotten worse over the years. Lots of crime and druged out neighbourhoods. East Hill is nice, Mission hill is nice but for all the Rug Ryders that have taken over..Depending on where you decide you'd have to mention it on here so I could offer my opinion. I'm near the hospital and its a crappy neighbourhood in places but i'm in the nicer street. Lumby is a nice little town, logging town, small and hickish. Armstrong is ok as well, though the people that live there are another breed all together. Coldstream is nice.

Yeah coldstream is the nicest of the bunch i was brought up there

The ugly little secret in Kelowna, is getting paid

Get an employment contract, have your lawyer look it over, BEFORE you move
(unless you are a Dr with a MSP billing #)

the Co I used to work for, enticed a bunch of German craftsmen to move did a lot of other companies "that couldn't find tradespeople"

Terms changed, I would estimate 95%+ returned home, somewhat soured on this area.
duckies are nice, make sure yours are aligned

yes we should have a fishing day some place.
do any of you fish for salmon on the shuswap or thompson?
as for where to live in vernon, some areas are definitely better. renting is hard to be choosy though. good luck.
lumby and armstrong are nice in places, less druggies etc., than some parts of vernon but they are everywhere!
problem is driving to vernon in the winter or for that matter in the summer with all the tourists. good luck in the interview. vernon and area is certainly a gorgeous place to live and not bad place to raise kids. a lot better than most of the lower mainland if not all! our worst is "high end" in surrey!

Thanks guys, some great info. I'll make sure I knock on a few doors before we sign on the line and see what the locals are like on either side. The job is with the city so I'm hoping it will be a stable work enviroment.

cheers and tight lines,


I never have salmon fished but ill be at mable lake this year chasing those dam things around. My buddies apparently "The kind of Salmon" hes gonna show me the ropes!

fishing for salmon in the springs in the lake is totally diferent than the river. you should try both.
re: the City of Vernon.
i heard they were hiring . a lot of guys are retiring and they are adding. good job. good luck!

Any good spots to camp in the Vernon area as I got the job. We are going to come into town for a few days and check out some properties.

there is a campsite up tillicum that is not bad. just head up silver star, past the foothills then take a right.
there is also, i believe, a newer place near ellison park.
ellison is a provincial campsite. if you can get in it is really nice. good luck. hope you enjoy vernon. a great place to live!

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