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Spent several days atv'ing & fishing here last week. Mostly fly fishing, caught a sucker on a fly !!

also caught this fish....any idea what it is?


looks like a northern pikeminnow to me

Thanks, do people eat them?

umm maybe thai people eat them but i wouldnt its a scavenger fish

They aren't any more of a scavenger than other fish. They are apparently part of the salmon family. From what I have read about them, there used to be a sizeable commercial fishery for them quite a few years ago. They are a white meat, but somewhat boneier than more commonly fished species like trout, lots of extra, smaller, y-shaped bones. They are quite edible, I have eaten them a number of times, they can, occasionally, have a "muddy" taste depending on water temp. and clarity, it's just a bit of a pain to have to be cautious of the extra bones. They are a predatory species, there is a yearly cull/fishing derby at Cultus Lake, as they have been identified as the primary predator on the sockeye stocks in Cultus. They are a good target species for kids, or for when other species are not "co-operating" with your fishing plans.

lol part of the salmon family...

Ok, squawfish

Fishing buddy & I ate one at Otter lake 3+ years ago. Lot's of y bones, but the other choice was poptarts for dinner.

Had caught it in a river, so firm flesh. Believe it was raining that night to boot.

Many thanks for the replies. Caught these fish also.

Not used to catching so many different species in one lake

Pikeminnow is a serious threat to young salmon and across the border fishermen are being compensated with money for catching pikeminnows.

yes 4 dollars a squa and up to 8 dollars once theyve caught more then 400

I kill the bastards

Is there some $$ to be made in pikeminnows?

Catch a bunch, sell over the 49th ?

Thanks for the replies, last one I release (if I catch any more)

Is the bottom fish a kokanee

absolutely not! a kokanee is a landlocked salmon.

In your picture, the top fish is a kokanee and the bottom one appears to be a pennask strain rainbow trout

Fishing forum > Missezula Lake...what did I catch


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