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Hi, All, I am new here, looking for some help getting my sons into some trout at Buntzen. We keep hearing of people pulling out multiple fish in a day, and we are wondering what the best method is? Worms/powerbait on a float? Spinners? Trolling wedding bands? Would love to hear your advice and experience.
propnuts and sons!

Get a boat. If you have a boat you will 100% get into multiple fish. From the dock you'll be standing there for hours before you might pull one in.

Let me know if you have a boat then i will tell you all the flies that work in the lake.

We are currently looking for a 14' aluminum, but we have a canoe and can get out on the water. Yeah - nice to get away from that dock!
With the size of the lake, are there some areas that are better than others?
Would love to hear about the flies that work. I am a complete newbie to flies, but like the thought of just me, the rod, and the fish, no hardware.
Thanks for your help.

Great you have a canoe. Enclosed is a map of lower Bunzten Lake. I have marked various locations where I have caught fish in the 12 - 16 inch range. There are lots of fish in this lake. I would be shocked to hear you weren't successful in hooking one.

Fly rod, sinking line, long leader, any type of "Carrey" fly. Red brown green black work great. Troll with lots of line out. Troll at a descent speed, not too slow. Let your line sink then start paddling.

I should hear from you soon with your 12+ fish report

Go out on your canoe with your boys and fish all day, and if you get skunked ....well at least you were out with your boys in a canoe fishing all day

Thanks for the info, hopefully going back Sunday to give it a try. Just wondering what Carrey flies are? (you can tell I am new to fly fishing and all things related...)
Thanks again.

Even a newb could have googled it. Go to any tackle shop and ask for a Carrey fly. There basically brown 1 inch trout flies.

went trolling with the carrey fly's and tried a few lures got skunked. lots of ppl fishing no one was catching

Really!? Humm never been skunked at Buntzen lake.

Got one fish, lost another today. Kids wanted to spend most of the time swimming, goofing, etc., so not bad considering we were only really fishing for a short time.
Thanks for the advice, guys. The Carey fly did the job!
propnuts and family

Hi there I fish Buntzen allot and the map already posted is accurate.In addition to the spots shown, if you troll up the eastern shoreline further than the map shows their is a streach of shoreline where about four creeks drain into the lake in less than a kilometer of distance. It can be extremly productive along this streach.I was up there a few days ago and caught lots of fish. I was using a small black leech with a red bead head and some red tinsel along the body. Another good fly on any given day in there is a medium sized green woolly buger with a gold bead head. Also you can never go wrong with Doc Spratley's in black red or olive colors, as well as the already mentioned Carey specials. Hope this helps tight lines.

The area your talkn about is good too. I havent had much luck at the north end or the western bays myself though. Anybody fish the north end?

One of the guys we talked to the other day said he fishes right in front of the big inlet at the North end. Must be very oxygenated water, maybe the fish like it?
Any other members had good luck there?

Ah, Buntzen.
(Photos date to 2015)

The map posted above is pretty accurate. Fish hit as long as it's not raining too hard. Smaller ones go almost exclusively for bugs, the meaner ones for the hardware. You can get them from shore right when they sound the horn for the second time- it's as if the fish know that anglers are packing up their gear and going home.

Pikeminnow, Chub, Sculpin, Kokanee, Rainbow, Cutthroat, Suckers, Red Side Shiners are all present in the lake (2015)

Baked. The spine & ribs peel away all at once like knife through butter - leaving the whole fish boneless.

3000 catchable released on the 7th.

I'm sorry, I don't get the reference above:
You can get them from shore right when they sound the horn for the second time-

"Sound the horn?"

If the weather holds, I might be out there Sunday.

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