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OK Guys I give up. How do you get a boat into Hatzic lake?I have driven around it 10 times,Goggle earthed it at least as many. I can see no way to get to it without risking going to jail for trespassing.

Check the map here.

Can I actually get to the water with my truck and trailer?

Is the road in that line of trees halfway between the private dock and the point?

Like here? I know I'm being a pain but I'd like to go fishing there because it is just up the road 5 minutes. Looks like various species are there. Thanks


Never been there or used it myself, so I'm not sure.
The map on here shows a picnic area also, so it must be a public launch. There must be signs when you get in the area.
fisher 696

If it is only 5 minutes up the road, couldn't you park nearby and walk around a bit???? It doesn't look to be that far to walk.

Did that. But guess I was looking in the wrong place. You're right I'll have to go walk around some more.

There is no boat ramp at the park!!

Yea, doesn't look like any public boat launches.
When you search for information on Neilson Regional Park, which is the park on the west side of the lake, all the descriptions say "You can launch a cartop-style boat at Neilson Regional Park located on the west side of Hatzic Lake".

There was once a ramp at the farmost south side of the park But I don't think anyone would want to go there now.Guess it doesn't matter for this year as the fishing is about done until fall.

summertime night time fishing for bass and carp is great!
i would like to get on Hatzic and leave my car somewhere
for the night. do they close the parking in the park durring the night?
I'l take my machette and make my way to the water in the public area, can somebody point for me that area around the lake?

actually doesn't matter if they close the gate durring the night, but can i leave the car in parking while the gates are closed?

What size of boat were you wanting to launch?
If it's a small boat, there is a spot on shook road on the right, about 100m before the bridge that you can launch a small boat by hand.


Thanks I checked that out. Should get the boat in the water.

where is it possible to leave the car?

You can park along the side of the road beside the launch.
Carp Chaser

Are there any carp in Hatzic lake? thanks carp chaser

Yes, there are.

You may be able to launch at the only public park on the lake, unfortunately Neilsen park has no drive in boat launch and the parking lot is at the top of a hill, so if you have a canoe or float tube it is difficult but possible. This lake is an irritating temptation, in that, as you have noticed, it is near impossible for the public to access the lake, but when the lake rises and surrounding properties flood the same people who deny access to the lake expect us to care, I may sound cold on this but I am a Mission resident and have been told off by many lake property residents, while trying to launch at various locations there.

I agree the owners around the lake are always crying for help when the lake floods or dries up, the rest of the time they don't want joe-public on their lake. So I have no sympathy for them; yes I am a Mission resident too.

To be honest there is no good public launch on Hatzic. I have bitch to Mission counsel about this for the seven years I have lived in Mission. I have also complained to BC Parks, who referred me to the GVRD. The best I go was that the launch at the north end of the lake beside the small park is owned by the GVRD and has been unlawfully chained and pad-locked. Will the GVRD remove the chain and lock? Not yet!

FYI the GVRD does not own the launching ramp and park at the North side of the lake, nor is it illegaly chained and locked, it is in fact owned jointly by the North shore residents who installed and maintain the boat launching ramp and private park.

Well, Hatzicguy that is not what the GVRD told me.

ive being told the same thing and i know a few other people who have being told the same

i think its time that the home owners on that lake stop being selfish and learn to share they want our tax money to fix there lake when there propertys are flooding but when we the tax payers want to fish it they wont let us grow up

I am sorry newsman but you were misinformed !!

Just saw this site and feed and thought I would let you know that there are people who live in the hatzic lake area that ate paying an additional tax to maintain that lake that have no access to it and have been told by the lake residents that they don't want outsiders or public people on their lake. I feel your frustration and anger. I say let them turn it into a private resort and pay for everything themselves. Plus you do know that year round and permanent structures are not permitted there? It's against bylaws.

I fished there . I normally launch my 10 feet rubber boat with a dolly ( also served as a seat with back ) from nelson park. But it is a struggle to move it back because parking lot is on top of the hill. You can also launch as per guys said by the bridge but remember to check the water flow through the bridge and the channel back to the lake . I had friend's engine damaged there.

Fishing forum > Hatzic Lake boat launch?


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