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Sons of Angling

hey everyone post your pics of a good days fishin.....
caught these at yellow lake a couple weeks ago not huge but decent ..we had a bbq and a half...we caught like 10 or 12 that day but kept 6 mostly cuz they were to injured..and prolly wouldn't have lived

Okanagan lake couple of 5lbs
Sons of Angling

nicely done great lookin fish shore or trolling and w/what n how deep if u care too share ...i've been hittin alot of the smaller lakes around the okanagan w/great luck took a 3 pounder outta sawmill last weekend ..lookin to get out on okanagan or shewswap and it would be good to have a heads up on where to start haha being that there huge lakes with huge fish ...last year by rattlesnake island took a 13 pounder from 70ft deep using a flasher and apex setup

Just a croc on the surface trolling no weight just varying the speed every 5 mins or so the creekmouths You can also bang them on 5 of diamonds buddy of mine got a 16lb monster the same spot couple of weeks ago.Orange blue silver and gold are the colors they are liking i made a report that shows the spoons. Heres an 8 or 9 lber

Two of us at a secret lake in the Okanagan. Had two on for every one we kept.

What ever happened to conservation?

Keep 1 or 2 and release the rest?

Nice work buddy dont matter that random guys nonsense everyone is allowed 6 trout per day and obviously he followed those rules.GLAD THERES REAL FISHERMAN SUCH AS FISHERMAN 1000 ROUND THIS FORUM

limits shouldn't matter. keep what you will eat that day, and release the rest to breed and to catch later. take only photos...

We caught 1 rainbow today slow fishin

I eat every fish i catch we fish with a boat of 4 at time so if we have 20 fish in a picture thats why dont be jealous we dont cheat we just love fishing we wake up to fish! Good fishing to all!

ill keep you guys updated do the same if any of you have msn add me everlast_05@HOTMAIL.COM


keep your limit, but let the spawners go, so you wouldn't have to wonder why you only caught one fish the other day...

release the strong big fish and let them spawn. if ya want, keep the small ones.
but still 4 guys on the boat and killing 20 fish or so. no wonder the lakes get fished out fast. As more people are introduced to fishing the fisheries can't keep up with the stocking of the lakes and don't have the support and donations from the public. One hachery closed down in the lower mainland because it had not enough money to run.

if you can afford a boat and nice gear you probably can afford to buy food and let those fish go. if you are starving and live in the forest than that is another story but obviously many don't.

nothing but closed minded greedy poachers.

Always fish for tomorrow.

....some of you people stop assuming everything, because i have 4 people on my boat i never said i kept 20 fish you halfwit as you can see in my picture there are 4 trout NOT 20
Sons of Angling

nice too see this post starting too take off ..i'm in vegas rite now so i aint doin too much fishin but still checkin the forms ..i like that at a secret lake havn't heard of that lake but judging by the pics secret lake is the bomb lol nice catch 6 a day keeps the meat deli away

Well one or 2 fish will not fill the fish smoker.

if i could get out every weekend and not have to work like some of you guys, i would let em go, but when i get out i have to make the most of it.

St. Mary's Lake Smallmouth Bass

5 half a pound rainbows at face lake.caught off a cow bell and a ford fender.

face lake usinga ford fender and a cow bell

face lake using a ford fender and a cow bell

kentucky lake 2 days ago . worms , just off dropoff

rainbows at face lake

rainbows at face lake

okanagan lake.


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