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I caught this beauty Sunday.

Another pic

and another

Nice...what you use for bait? Corn?

That's Charlie the carp. Did you keep it or let him go?

Actually that isnt a carp at all, its a koi!

Its been in the lake for years, and judging by his size its pretty old.

Really hope you let it go,koi arent good for eating.

Of course I let it go..

As you may already know, there is alot of technique involved in catching Koi. lol

Hmm, even if you did let it go, the way you're handling it pretty much sealed its fate. You have your thumb in it's mouth, and your third pic shows you laying the fish's belly directly on the gravel.

Poor Charlie.

Too bad it was a koi. Ha-ha just kidding. Koi are pretty hardy too. Either way the less harm the better, any stress isn't good. There are a good population of koi in Lafarge I use to fish there about 20 years ago and they were in there then. Always wanted to keep one for the home pond but thought that would be just crule and I would have Nemo nightmares for the rest of my life.

If I hadn't held the fish firmly there was a good chance it would not have made it back into the lake alive.. I can guarantee the fish is fine.. lol
sugar magnolia

Nice catch.I use to fish there 30 years ago,Use to catch alot of crappies in there as well.We would sell them to the chinaman who owned the corner store near there.
Corn fished on the bottom worked well in those days.

Fishing forum > Fishing Lafarge Coquitlam


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