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Nice Bass!

That's what i like to see dead bass, tho if you watered the lawn that sucker would probably come to life.

Catch as many as you can.Probally no limit on those nasty little devils.

Nice bass indeed. I will be doing some bass fisshing this year along with everything else. Might as well go to the lakes/rivers they DONT belong in and take out as many as I can. Although I wont use them for fertilizer like some people but I sure as hell will eat them. plus I dont think my lanlord would like it if I make a garden on the balcony. I will also be taking a trip to Ontario in july ( fishing with the old man) for bass, muskie and walleye. In the mean time its good ol salmon and trout.



walleye used to be eight and bass was five but dont quote me on that because im used to ontario laws for both fish.

In BC walleye are 8 per day and bass are 4.
Sons of Angling

i live in the okanagan i fish alot at vasaux and osoyoos lake, you can haul 5 -6 pound lunkers and like 3 pound consistently average trout around here is like under 2 lol but i still do alot more trout fishing than bass ...

Hey I was close on the limits.

bass forever

@ moose hunter, you can get walleye in the upper columbia river by Revelstoke. I mentioned walleye because I will be going to ontario in july for bass, muskie, pike and walleye.

@psycho, don't get all tree hugger on me please, that bass was caught in the Okanagan river where it eats the depleating trout that try and survive in there..and ya, vaseux and osoyoos lake are killer for bass fishing, they should actually be getting pretty hot soon.

Hey mcs, i will NEVER get tree hugger over bass in BC. I keep trying to have MOE put a no limit kill on bass in the lower mainland. They do not seem to want that, probably a lot of lobbying from the wcba to have bass in the lower mainland thought of as sport fish instead of trash fish that should all be killed off.

I like to fish for everything and will gladly help remove some of that bass for all the trout/salmon guys out there. I do hate the fact that they are in waters they shouldn't be in but I dont have the hatred that some people have. I do like to eat them instead of fertilizer. I agree that they should make it no limit so everybody is happy. Bass lovers can "remove" asmuch as the want and trout / salmon lovers can feel better knowing that there are less intruder fish wiping out the good fish. ( trying to keep it clean so no one get mad at me)

Fishing forum > Bass fishing coming up soon, where are you guys going?


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