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I heard there are carp in Horseshoe slough , and i was just wondering if this was true and if so, how big they could get. also does anyone know if theres any streams , or creeks in richmond that offer at all trout or carp? and if winter is the greatest time to fish for carp?

I've seen carp in Nikomekl and Serpentine rivers - a friend of mine is a big fan of carp fishing and goes there all the time. He told me it is tough to get carp in winter - they prefer warm water. Corn works the best.

Hey alex since your in richmond and all, do you know if theres ANY freshwater streems where you can catch trout or carp out of? ive been fishing gary point (near scotch pond) and london landing for 11 years and i was very curious if there was any freshwater bodies here.

hey XjohnX...theres carp in ladner slough and in the south arm of the fraser. fishing in winter is more difficult cause they become less active..less feeding occurs. try garry point park and no 3 rd. in south richmond!!

theres also carp in the pond in the back of the hospital off gilbert and westmin hwy.......but yoour not allowed to fish there.

hey el nino. i have fished gary point, and no.3 and no.2 road for a long time now. i know number 3 road is not freshwater. ive never seen anyone catch a carp at gary . do you know anywere on the south arm fraser where i can access freshwater or carp?

hey xjohnx....richmond is not famous for lakes and streams because there basically aren't do however have the fraser river on both sides which is a jackpot of oppurtunities...the north arm is your best bet from knight street bridge west. like alex said corn is a must or doughballs and unfortuneatly winter is not that active time for friends usually fish for carp in the lower fraser around june ish...lately they have been getting large carp in the harrison flood plains in acouple of feet of water around july august...i have caught carp and squawfish in the nicomekyl when i was younger around february..march but that is the earliest....good luck.

hey thanks alot el nino. looks like you know alot about the richmond area. thx!

Hey i went to Horseshoe Slough and the pier at the end of Number 3 road to see how the water level and all was doing. First, Horseshoe slough where theres supposedly carp, is a ditch. when i first got there, the water was low, theres fallen trees everywere, and the water looks like dark coffee.... and theres shopping carts in the water...waste of time no carp there... i dont think anything can live in that slough.. anyhow, number 3 road pier was alright, low tide and the water was moving suprisingly fast. that pier is salt water or brackish. im going to take a look at burnaby lake or deer lake tommorow, anyone know if these lakes produce well?

burnaby lake is best...i've seen fisherman using doughballs to catch them just before the wharf/pier where the the rowing club stores their know someones caught one when the water errupts with a hooked carp. you will see skunk cabbage and lillypads all around the shallow water where they tend to school.of course this is in the summertime and i don't know about this time of year where they will be....good luck.

try ladner slough or the serpinetine. Doughballs seem to be more effective in ladner.

go down the 99 to ladner then take the first exit to river road then keep going until you see a pump station on your left then fish their. use 2 split shots a swivel then a hook with a worm. i caught a 6 pound carp their. email me at if you went their.

or you can go to garden city park in richmond and use the same setup and catch 3-10 pound carp and 2-15 pound catfish

Holy thread resurrection Batman!!!!! Do you realize this thread is 12 years old????

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