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Hows the resort at Johnson? If I wanted to by-pass the resort and do some camping near the lake could I, any spots to look out for? Id rather just find a good spot on the lake where I can park the rv boat and family and spend a week fishing so if someones been there let me know.
How long usually is the drive? I want to take my RV up there this summer, how are the roads to the lake?

Any info would help, thanks

Did a fathers day trip 3 years ago. Caught one fish amoung 8 guys. the lake is beautiful and crystal clear but fishing is tough and windy in the afternoon. The owner of the resort is great. Don't remember any camping though.

The roads are great. Took my mothers Astin Martin there in February and had no problems what so ever. Good luck and tell us all how you made out.

Great, should be a good trip. Thanks for the info.

Fishing forum > Johnson Lake BC


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