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"Western Canada is one of the biggest natural salmon producing systems on earth. Why would we need farms full of Atlantic salmon?

• Wild salmon require an uninterrupted chain of functional habitat from mountainous headwaters to the open Pacific. This same habitat is useful for hydropower, clearcut logging, freshwater sales to the U.S., oil wells, urban development, etc.

• If all our “salmon” were in pens, we could sell our rivers, flatten the forests, tolerate oil spills…

Every country in the world would like to have millions of wild salmon coming home to its coast. Fish farming is harming wild salmon populations everywhere it operates.

Minister Bell is deciding right now what to do with this industry. Wild salmon have survived over 100 years of human abuse, but they cannot survive a sea louse epidemic wrought by the invasion of farm fish.

Send our petition to our governements to save wild BC salmon before it's too late."
I just hope that a enough people open there eyes and do something about this before it's too late.


sos sent. I totally agree messing with the natural habitat is F'ed up and hopefully this will get fixed. If you are gonna have farms they should be local fish and should be maintained properly. The louse are there because all the waste falls to the bottom of the fish pen and is not cleaned out. In the natural setting the wast is spread out throughout the rivers/oceans and the fact that THEY DO NOT BELONG IN THIS OCEAN. Im sure there are more reasons for the louse but the fact remains that this is affecting the local salmon and thats not good.

it's all about big money and influence. think before voting and you can make change however gradual.closed pen farming with proper reuse of nitrate rich waste or no fishery generates over $300.oo per fish.

Big Government doesn't fish so they don't care.Jobs they preach in remote areas,good for the economy.In Alberta,when Ralph Klein was in power,his government made some much needed actions for the depleted Walleye fishery,Calling lake which the then premier fished and saw first hand that actions were needed to preserve the fisheries,guess what? The Walleye fishery is making a big comeback ,in some lakes you can even retain a fish with a tag.I personally fished a lake called Wolf which was C/R and enjoyed fantastic Walleye Fishing,and no i'm not an Albertan,born and raised on the West Coast,live in the Wack,just an admirer of how those fisheries are managed.A skunk is very rare when you fish an Albertan Lake.

there is a petition to protect wild salmon @ If anyone is interested. tight lines and wild salmon forever!




Fishing forum > fish farms


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