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Anyone know a good place/class to learn how to tie fly's?? i'm looking to pick up a new hobby while i'm waiting for the lakes to thaw and the camping season to officially open.

i've tried emailing my local tackle shops to no success.

i also need a way to start with equipment - and was thinking about white river fly tieing set from canadian tire for $60. comes with a little of everything and the internet reviews seem pretty decent for a beginners set. i'm only thinking i might end up tieing 'upto' a hundred or so - i'm probably not going to go crazy. just want something to do at night after the campfire goes out. do you think this might a be good starter?

Never tried that set before but sounds decent. why not give it a try you cant lose for $60.

Forget about the kits, go to a shop and tell them what fly you want to tie. Get the material for that fly, then get material for the next fly. This way you acquire materials and hooks, then you can modify patterns with the extra stuff. Plus take a look at the fly bc site as they have fly tieing nights at different places. Plus get the best vice you can afford.

i bought one of those kits, not the one you are talking about.
mine had a good vice, a good "how to "book, a bobbin, a few good things and a bunch of junk. for $60 you can get
the stuff seperately and get better stuff. psycho has the right idea. get a vice, some decent scissors, a bobin, some black thread and whatever you need to tie something simple. a week later you can spend another $60 and you are hooked. and another is not a cheap hobby!!!
once you are set though it is rewarding.

The Art of Fly Tying is a great book to learn with. It's part of the hunting and fishing library. Written by John Van Vliet.

Great pics showing the steps as they go along, easy to understand. Some good recipies in it as well. Covers everything from beadheads through deerhair, all the wing types etc. Also gets into the different equipment needed as well as different tying materials. When I started, it made things much easier, especially when something just wouldn't be right, and I went nuts trying to figure out what.

My suggestion would be to pick up a copy, and read it prior to buying any kits or materials. Know what your getting yourself into, and it may affect what you buy to start off.



i agree with the last post. i have the same book. it is great.

serves me right for starting a post called "looking to learn to fly tying".

wow - your responses have been great. i like fish4fun's post the best because it represents the least amount of legwork of all and i like his/her no nonsense approach of try it and decide. BUT i know that this is an expensive hobby to get into, and if i spend the $60 on the basic kit, i'll probably/might spend $300 upgrading to where $300 would get me, meaning i'm out $60 from the kit. and if i didn't want the leg work, i wouldn't go out and try to catch fish. i'll pick up the book. sounds like a good read, and i never turn down a good book.

$$$$ speaking, how much to get some basic wet-fly's tied? i'm looking at nymphs, chroms' and maybe a deer-hair mouse or two... i like the idea of the mouse.

forgive my rookie-ness - i'm learning.

Depends were you buy them. Was at Canadian Tire today and they wanted $3.99 for a pack of 2 flies. Berry's Bait and Tackle is charging $0.99 per fly at there On-Line E-Store. Mice are cute, but will definately cost more, and not much use unless your after bass.


ha - i was at canadian tire today too - checking that fly kit. Sorry - i didn't mean the cost for pre-tied fly's, rather the cost of the materials for those fly's. i think i'll head into Riverside tackle and get some pcs.

damn it - i work in retail, therefore i work both weekend days and i won't be able to make it out to abbotsford during the trade show.

another missed opportunity...

Fishing forum > looking to learn tie flying


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