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today i went to sasamat lake in port moody. it was very cold but still fun. i fished off the docks and didnt get anything, i went to a new dock and lost my brand new rooster tail, checked out a bridge and lost another hook, and came back to the dock where i talked to a man who had caught 4 fish. i asked him what i was doing wrong and he said my lures are too complicated. i have spoons, wedding bands and that stuff. he has a hook, a bobber and some bait. i didnt bring my whole tackle box so i decided to go home cause i was freezing but next time i will try it his way. anyone catch any fish this early in the season?

Sometimes the less complicated approach is the best way. Keep it simple, dont buy crazy wild coloured or oversized lures. A simple hook and worm/bobber works well when the fish are active. Right now untill spring the fish wont be around to catch. You got to wait till spring for any real chance.

sorry to hear about your loss of the new lure

i deserved to lose it cause i was fishing all wrong. whats 3 dollars anyway. i have 2 new packs of simple hooks size 10 and 12. i have 2 new floats and switched from 10lb line to 6lb and im planning on picking up some 4 lb its just that my other reel was set with 6. ill keep using the powerbait and hopefully ill get a bite but i cant expect much this early. just too exited to wait a month.

has sasamat completely iced off? it's totally open now?

has sasamat completely iced off? it's totally open now?

yah, i didnt see any ice on sasamat.

Sasamat doesnt get ice and its open yr round

So what's the approximate usage this long weekend on sasamat? Does it fill up quickly with tubes and boats. I assume it does as any long weekend is busy but thought I would ask as I'm thinking about heading up there one of the mornings.

dangler, while I didn't fish Sasamat lake for several years now, I remember this to be one of the most confusing lakes.

Fishing with a shrimp under a bobber from a crowded dock produced pretty good results, while fly fishing and chasing around in a belly boat didn't really work.

The best result I managed to achieve was trolling VERY deep in the middle of the lake on a wedding band. Good luck!

So I managed to get to Sasamat on Sunday and again Tuesday. Sunday was good although far too busy with beach enthusiasts ( I understand the reference now Bear) although the scenery isn't too bad. When I left around 6:00 it seemed the party was just getting underway for some.
I was fly fishing with some sinking line and trolling through the middle for most of the day. The docks were packed with people and I'm not sure how the fishing was over there. I saw a fellow tuber who gave me a couple flies that worked for him that day. I managed to get a couple bites on a black fly but that was about it for Sunday.
On Tuesday the weather wasn't so good in the morning and day looked in doubt but by about 11:00am it started to clear so my buddy and I headed out around noon. There was nobody there and it was such a nice day to be able to kick around with no one else on the lake. Slightly overcast with enough sun every so often. I managed to land a couple fish of about 12" length and lost a couple more during the day. Most of the jumping I saw was on the opposite end across the lake by the big logs just past the kayak docks in the corner. Starting around 3:30 you could see them rising and it continued until around 5:30ish.
I think that it's a pretty good lake as long as there isn't a ton of people there. I figure that I have until about mid June before school ends until this place gets jam packed everyday. I am looking forward to taking a couple of weekdays off work before then to go back.

I was out there yesterday with a friend, i cought only one using a float setup with shrimp but they were jumping every where but only in the middle of the lake. I couldn't really cast that far but they stocked them on april fifth this yaer i cought my self one of last years

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