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just wondering i know that probably theres nothing just wanted to see

hey there. i fished deer lake in burnaby..not very productive on shore but with a belly float you can target early in the morning rainbow trout. i have never tried still creek............stanly park seawall you can dipnet for eulachons or smelts and under the bridge there have been some rockfish caught.
The Yak

i was wondering the same thing myself about Deer Lake. Burnaby Lake too... Urban lakes that i dont think too many people would give the time of day to for fishing...

things that make you go ummmm....

i think you can catch carp in Still Creek... but i think it's best left alone...too many pollution problems in the past.. its also called the Brunette River. But if you're going to try it....Check out the Kensington area, i think it'll be your best bet as it's one of theslow water deep areas even though there may be a lot of weeds.

It was last stocked in 2001-06-12 with Cutthroat and a fair amount of steelhead in the not too distant past

your right about pollution yak. burnaby lake is slowly turning into a marsh even though you can still catch 8-10lb carp along the rowing club used to be a good lake to fish in back in the 80's for trout. still creek is now more of a drainage ditch than a not eat anything out of there!!heavilly polluted.
Blade Fisher

Burnaby Lake is now clean, with clear blue waters, as of 2012. Fish are mighty big around 6-9 pounds. Thats right about 3-5kg monsters of the lake. No one have fished in Burnaby Lake for years. BC Freshwater regulation listed Burnaby Lake as a fishing spot for fishing. Burnaby Lake is full of monster White Amur (grass crap), Brown Trout (char), Crappies, and L/S Bass. Locals of the area, are against people from fishing Burnaby Lake or something saying its illegal. Well its perfectly legal if you obey the laws of Freshwater fishing in BC. Pullution problem right??? It looks cleaner than Deer Lake and way bigger of a Lake too. Actually the fishes from Deer Lake swim to Burnaby Lake every summer. True fact.

Deer Lake is covered in that cotton fluff from alders(?), it sticks to your line if you're fishin from shore/the "dock" and doesn't like to come off easily. You might as well bring your boat, the dock gets crowded in the afternoon and there is not a lot of space to even cast. Also, there are summer boat rentals off the dock, too, so it is surrounded entirely by paddle boats and people coming to get in and out of them occasionally. Some guy with a small row boat and 4, yes 4, rods (didn't read the regs I guess) said he caught one on Monday June 11th the day I was there. I was using a float from the dock and didn't have any luck in 2 hrs. There were 2 of us when I first arrives and then there were almost 6 people by the time I left, all on the "dock." If I ever go back I'll either troll or fly from a boat of some sort. But I doubt I'll ever go back there. There are far nicer lakes within reasonable driving distances to bother with that one.

Also regarding Rockfish at Stanley Park, there are multiple Rockfish conservation areas throughout the region - so double check the DFOs website for info before you go tryin to catch them there:
patrick j guertin

^^A photo of the every beautiful Deer Lake in Burnaby^^

Deer Lake (and all it's run-off) runs into Burnaby Lake. And all the run-off from the industrial estates along Sperling also run into Burnaby Lake. DO NOT eat anything from it. It's great to catch carp from but in no way would I EVER eat a fish caught there. Not sure where you've seen the blue water. It's quite clear in places (Pipers Spit-but full of crapping waterfowl)), but very silty.

Deer Lake is fairly clean as far as inner city lakes go. It's the head of the Brunette watershed so theoretically has the least amount of pollutants. Again, I would not eat anything from here either, and that includes the stocked fish. But some people have a less acquired pallet than I! The only real issue here is the people who break the bylaws with regards to feeding of wildlife/ waterfowl. It's their fecal matter that is doing most of the damage. And did I mention that also runs into Burnaby Lake??

I'd like to see a photo of someone who's caught a grassy out of there. I've only known of smallish (-12lbs) commons and mirrors myself.

Also interested to hear about this migration that you speak off and the species of fish. The run-out of Deer Lake is quite steep so I guess it must be..salmon? 'Apparently' some coho do run into Burnaby lake and have made it into Deer Lake in the recent past. It sure would be nice to see this happening on mass and have them protected from angling during this time.

But back to the OP's question: To my knowledge, Deer Lake has a healthy population of wild, breeding Cutties and Bows (this is fantastic news for a city lake) as well as the stocked fish. It also has Largemouth Bass, Brown Bullhead, Common Carp and apparently Crappie. Occasionally you get the odd sup prise like an African Cichlids that some local resident deiced to release!

Fishing forum > Anything in deerlake or still creek or stanleypark seawall


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