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Author Topic: anyone hear about that 80 or 90 pound salmon found dead
Sons of Angling

i forget where it was found but it's recent news search it up it's pretty wild ..

yea its in mr.greys smoker, cause thats just the way he likes his fish when he gets them. DEAD!
straight off the res

sorry i dont agree with u fishing for life i dont think mr grey would keep that
last time i checked he just kept pinks
and that fish looked to fresh to be one of his

lol you little goofs crack me up. You guys having a sleepover tonight? Don't forget to wear your pampers!
stink finger

do you little fags even fish?time to find a new topic.hope you have a good time at the sleepover,dont stay up too late

The sleep over should be fun as they all suffer from ENURESIS.

Hey mr. grey you snag that thing? it look like it is good for the smoker, eh? And for the sleepover, at least I have friends guys, instead of sitting on a litte two inch monitor crying about how childish we are, bye bye crybaby's

Hey fishinforlife what do you use for enuresis, must get kinda interesting during the sleepover with all of you having the same problem.


Naw i much prefer guys your age, but first you have to do something about that enuresis problem.

do u have a big bed wetting problem, since you shake all night scared to go out into the light, Mrgrey is their for you, he wants to hold you, and carry you.

I see by your spelling that you have not made it out of grade 4, does your mother know you are surfing the net. Maybe she should put some parental controls on the computer and restrict it to play station use only.

Heres a pic of the big fish!

hey theres psycho, yea! hes trying to rape that fish
straight off the res

heres what mr.grey keeps
nice eh

I have to down grade your grade level fishingforlife, seems with your grammar and spelling ability that you are stuck in pre-school. Did mommy put some kleenex in your pocket, it seems your nose is running again.

haha is that the best you got champ!

Here i have corrected it for you

" Is that the best you have master "
straight off the res

hey psycho are you mr grey on another account cause you seem to be the only one backing him up

Nope , no idea who your grey guy is. I just cannot stand people who do not have the ability to type a well written sentence. If you want to know who i am just go out and rent the movie by Alfred Hitchcock.



You really are so juvenile, when is you dad taking the training wheels off your bicycle. I guess all those headers off your trike really did cause neurological damage.

why don't you morons get lost and quit your stupid posts.
there are a few people, mr grey , for one who go to the trouble of posting things about fishing. for that he gets run down. go away so the fishermen can have a decent place to chat about fishing and not have to put up with the childish crap.
river-rod dyl

Mr.Grey, if your going to post something, do it without making fun of someone like a 4 year old. Thats not even funny, you just sound like a complete idiot!
river-rod dyl

Same goes for psycho!

Its so funny that a guy who has never actually caught a live salmon in his life can make fun of some one, a person who snags and kills spawning pinks is really not a rolemodel, and for a guy who catches trout all the time, boy you must really suck, because every fish you catch is from a stocked or family lake. I guess someone at your age has to access these easy to get to places, right grandpa, oh by the way I pulled this picture out for you. You look like a tool, congratulations.

straight off the res

ya i can see that nice hook jaw
did u snag it in the fin i dont see any marks on the side

Sad, I used to check this forum on a regular basis for useful information, good stories and pictures. I see that has changed to high school antics. What a waste of a once great forum.

dude lol that is one of the darkest coho I have seen, hahahahahahaha you call that a fish, thats a darkie buddy, its already turning red, and has a huge kype, wow mrgrey, i though that was a joke, hahaha, go back and catch your trout, you just crack me up.

I'm starting to get mad now. Fishinforlife, people are asking you to take a hike OR stop posting this crap. You are the worst kind of sniveling coward around: the internet coward. Do you beak off at people like this in real life? When you are old enough to go to a nightclub, what do you think will happen there? NOTHING because you wouldn't beak off at people like that in person. If you weren't a little pussy, you would make it known who you are and be accountable for your words. So, Stop clucking on here or go away. It wouldn't be that hard to do a little digging and figure out who you are. That would be a bad thing for you.

so 9th graders have invaded

dig around, I don't care, I really don't care, Its funny you say that when your not even letting us know who you are, plus ill say whatever I want to say on sharphooks your not the boss, besides where not even talking about going to night clubs, if I went, I wouldn't beak off, because eveyone their probably wouldn't beak me off, or doing something dumb, if I really bug you that much ignore me, little kid as


"if I went, I wouldn't beak off, because eveyone their probably wouldn't beak me off, or doing something dumb, if I really bug you that much ignore me, little kid as"

I guess I struck a bit of a nerve hey? you little panzy. I'm not on here squeaking like you are and stirring shit up. I've been ignoring you for almost a year now and I'm getting sick of listening to your mouth. Your parents have [...] big time, it sounds like the best part of you ran down your [...] and ended up as a [...] on the mattress. Smarten up and act like a man, not a little boy.

haha its funny when you say I act as a kid when you throw childish comments at me, maybe you should learn to grow up, becuase in my last post I didn't make fun of you, but you seem to wantt to carry this on more, so maybe your the one who is stirring shit up, so if I where you iwould keep my mouth shut!

Buddy, you are out of touch with reality. if you don't learn to keep your mouth shut, one day someone is going to shut it for you. I'm done with this stupid site. You little goofs can have it.

like I said your the child for reponding,

Good BYE!

poo-poo pee pee kaka : )

that fish is so fake you put that photo of a big fish on ur picture.

The photo of the salmon is not fake. It made international news and can be seen on many legitimate government and public websites. I found out about it through yahoo news and california fish and game websites. It is quite possible for chinook to get this big, as there has been a few in the qc islands this year over 70 lbs. and I believe one or more in rivers inlet over 65 lbs. Also, there was one in the skeena a few years ago (catch and release) recorded at 99.15 lbs. and the record for a chinook (commercial) is actually 126 lbs. 87 lbs is huge but not in terms of world record class fish.
Sons of Angling

finally someone on topic..and thanks for the pic on previous page .....and thanks for the info i seen it in a magazine a while back i just thought it might have been a good topic for the site but all and all it has just started an argument w/some little high schooler damn this poor poor world and its poor future if there is 1

Fishing forum > anyone hear about that 80 or 90 pound salmon found dead


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