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Does anyone know if there is still fish in Green Timbers Lake, I want to take my nephew out fishing, but he is only 4, and I think the Vedder might be a little much.LOL
One more question, what kind of tackle do you use for trout. Hook size, bait?
Thanks, Dave

yes theres still fish in green timbers lake. caught 2 last week with dew worms on the bottom.float fishing works as well.. you could use small shrimp or power bait nuggets for bait. just rainbows in there and not very big. use spinning rod with 5-6lb test line. small split shots for weight and small barbless single bait hooks. the best spot is in the pic. just wait for the ducks to leave cause they think you are gonna feed them then cast out. have fun.

Thanks alot, I can't wait to see his face when we pull a fish out.

Thre is also a fish farm out in Langley or Abbotsford??? Name escapes me. They have about 5 different ponds and you pay buy the size of the fish. Each pond has a larger size fish than the last one. The fish a little muddy tasting but you are gaurenteed to catch a fish.

Good luck.

if you want a guaranteed catch then its silverbrook for sure.

heres the link:

had a close encounter with 2 coyotes next to the lake in daylight dec.08. use caution.


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Fishing forum > Green Timbers Lake


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