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Last Saturday (Sept 13th), I went fishing again to the Capilano River, went to the same spot I went a few weeks ago, Coho Loop.
I got there early 7:30am, very quiet, no people.

First cast, one jack coho (maybe the same one I caught/released a few weeks back).
Second cast, another small coho. (Using panther martin).
Third cast, I turn my head to my right. Black Bear. FCK.

I was in a squat, so I stood up immediatly. In a second the bear ran away up the little trail. Man, I was kind of affraid, it was the first time I encountered a bear in the "wilderness", and the animal was about 10mts away from me.

At least I know that I was in the right place to fish, since it's a fishing place for bears too.

Since I'm not a hunter my rapport with bears is strictly preventative and defensive. So I believe that next time I should buy a bear bell, sing and whistle as preventive actions, but what if the bear decides to eat human meat? What defensive actions/devices do you recommend?

Should I report my sighting? Or is it just too common that nobody would pay attention to it?


i would give them a call anyway. that area is best fishing with a buddy at that early in the day. I don't fish the cap that much and the fact a hungry black bear prowls nearby in the coho loop is not good news...wild habitat or not.

I would recommend reporting too. They always end up turning against people. People and bears don't mix

Dont worry about a blackie i come from alberta (Where a black bear is a welcome sight over a grizz) and if you take the right steps to avoid them you wont have a problem black bears are mild and if you keep a bell on your hip you'll probably never see one. If one happens to turn on you dont play dead black bears like dead things hit 'em in the nose as hard as you can. Its the weak spot on any bear no matter the species.

Fishing forum > Capilano River - Most thrilling fishing experience.


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