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there are a lot of discussions about people snaggin salmon and everybody seems to agree this is not the way to go. while i never try to snag salmon, once in a while i will hook them in a tail or close to the head.

for me it works to keep tackle off the bottom a little higher. if coho is willing to bite they will rise.

what is your experience?

Well, I assume frequent strikes without any reason as well as the final strike before retrieval of the line are excluded without saying.

My experiments clearly indicate that smaller hooks work much better and reduce the chance of snags substantially. Also, as I already metnioned earlier, it helps to bent the hook slightly (similar to circle hooks - see the picture).


If you're float fishing don't use too much float-it makes the gear drag abd dragging gear snags fish.
The Yak

im with Alex.. Go with a hook that doesnt have a "perfect bend". circle hooks have less problems with foul hooking. Remember ALL fish that have been foul hooked must be returned to the water. Its the law....

One more - if you keep a good contact with your tackle (use a sensitive rod or hold the line with your free hand) you can actually feel the difference between fish touching your line and the actual take (sharp tug). So, don't set the hook unless you know it is a real take.

A little bit difficult without a sensitive rod, but efficient.

earlier this season DFO suggested shorter leaders

Fishing forum > how to reduce the chance of unintentional foul hook ups


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