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Author Topic: went to glodchester ponds to day

caught 4 large mouth bass and one bull frog useing dew worms

where is this place?

only four when i go there we get like 10 or 15 bass and a buttload of crappie

wow. bcbasser your just the bestest fisher guy around. if only we all could be as great as you, we'd all have a buttload of crappie. all bow to mr. wonderfisherguy. putz

Hey Kodz 4 fish and a bullfrog sounds like a decent day off to me.

"what's different about her"
"i don't really know"

what part of the pond did you go to bcbasser

where abouts is this place?

bolth sides i used to use my bellyboat but now i use my jon or pontoon the water is realy flooded by the dam thanks to a very attentive beaver

Fishing forum > went to glodchester ponds to day


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