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Hey guys, i'm not sure if i'm alowed to post this here, but i thought i would try. I'm looking for a Princecraft Ungava 12ft boat, or a similar wide stable 12ft boat. Does anyone have one they want to sell or know where i can get a deal on one? I'm in BC. Thanks guys.


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Try craigslist

I've had my eye on there, but no luck yet. Does anyone here run one of these in the fraser river? If so, are they very stable? I'm looking at one of these, a lund wc12, and a smokercraft alaskan 12.

get a 14 plus to fish the fraser

im sure those boats would be stable enought to fish the fraser , just dont head into any rough spots . also try looking on craigslist , but go onto bellingham and seattle too , people there are selling 5times the boats than here .also better prices

I run a Thorne 12ft Alum. with a Merc 9.8 and run the fraser no prob. Not the fastest boat on the river (especially up river) but it gets me out where I want to go and back. We've never had any stability issues. Sure the river may shove you around at some points but I've never been close to tipping.

Hi There, Not sure if I may have what you need. But Here it is a 207 Legend 151 AllSport 15' Aluninum w/full Windshield. (not sure on river performance) Deep V hull w/ a 2007 40HP Mercury Engine 3yr Exr arranty. bought brand new last JUne used it once. Motor has less than 5 hours run time on it. (not even broken in) cw trailer and all the extras. Have to sell for family reasons. Paid alot of money for it, I know I will take a big hit to sell it. We will be in Osoyoos for our vacation this week and will arrive there on Saturday Aug 9th (staying til the 16th). I wanted to experience a B.C. Lake before being forced to sell it. if this boat suits your fancy Email me @ or phone Alberta # (780)231-3023 or check the kijiji(edmonton)website under Legend boat for sale. probably out of your way if so I understand. Hope you find your craft of choice.



Nice boat you have there, but way out of my price range at the moment. I found a 08 Lund wc12 for a great price, but i was too late. It appeared wide and stable. IF the princecraft is a stable boat i'll probably look for a deal on one of those, but i'll also keep my eyes peeled for a smokercraft. I have a 15 yamaha 2 stroke that i'm going to run on the boat i purchase. Does anyone else run a 12 on the Fraser?

Well let me enlighten you about the Princecraft Ungave, I had one yrs ago and it was the most stable boat I have ever been in, look for the older model like 1990 they were 62 inch wide and 36 deep. I put 2 grown men and calf moose in the boat with a 20 hp Johnson, the boat came out of the water and still did 25 mph. What a boat..Sold it and kicking my behind every day. Good luck finding..

I have an Ungava with a 9.9 Yamaha 2 stroke, does 34km/h with just me and the 2.5 gallon tank in it. Yes it is stable enough to run the Fraser. I have even had it out in the lake with a good chop flat out and it is stable. I don't ever plan on selling it. if I had a complaint, it would be that I don't like having waves come at me from the back while trolling. I almost get the feeling that a wave will come over the back. But that is something that every tinny has an issue with.

I finally got myself a princecraft ungava a month ago. Found a used once 07 for a not great, but decent price. Motor is a yamaha 15hp 2 stroke that's in top shape. I baby the thing and maintain it beyond what it needs. I have 2 coworkers that want to buy it from me, but it will never be for sale as long as i have this boat. You'll see this package on the Fraser this year. Last year i ran the same motor on a g3 guide v12 that was very stable, but too shallow. We were anchored on opening sockeye day last year and the big jet boats nearly swamped us. We had 2 guys in the boat and with it anchored it wouldn't travel up and down with the waves. Scary moment, but made it through. My wife and I are headed on a boat access camping trip 40Km in and the same out. River passages with good current. I'll have an easy 700lb all combined in my pricecraft. We'll see how it performs. Thanks for all the comments guys. Happy fishing and boating.

Fishing forum > Wanted Princecraft Ungava or similar wide stable 12ft


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