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Does anyone have information on carp in the River Fraser itself? Locations where carp have been seen or caught. I am meaning the River Fraser itself or its tributaries not sloughs although I shall be grateful for all information.

you wouldn,t be english would you ?

You've guessed it!
I have to think that there are carp in the Fraser with their presence in surrounding sloughs. I have fished the River St Lawrence and the power of the carp there has to be experienced to be believed.
It is knowing where to start - can anyone report sightings of carp on the Fraser?
I would be grateful for any information.

never heard of carp in the fraser , but would hatzic lake be considered a solugh? i think it does connect .

It is sightings or knowledge of carp in the River Fraser that I am particularly interested. All the nearby lakes and sloughs including Hatzic that have carp connect in some way if only in times of flood. There must be carp in the River Fraser and over time carp I am sure would be noticed by regular anglers although the very coloured water of the Fraser would make their presence less obvious.

Has any body any knowledge of carp in the River Fraser?

Carp generally prefers warm and slow water, which Fraser is not. I think smaller rivers, like Nicomekl or Serpentine are a much safer bet.
fisher 696

I've never seen or heard of carp being caught in the Fraser. If you are intent on fishing for them in the Fraser, good luck with that. Otherwise check out Burnaby lake. The South shore has quite a few places to fish for good sized carp.

I have looked around Burnaby Lake and have not found many places where you can fish. Where on the southside do you have in mind?
fisher 696

Shucks, I don't know how to explain the trails as I saw the spots from the water.....However I think that if you drive past the main parking lots and head south until the road turns east and parallels the freeway, there is a couple of spots to park. I believe that you are able to access the fitness trails and may need to do a bit of bush whacking. I have canoed in the lake a few times and have seen 20 lb. carp. Look for the feeding channels through the lilies and reeds. I have often marveled at the size of the pressure wave that these fish generate when spooked.

Thank you Fisher 696 for this. I hope to go out on Burnaby in a row boat or canoe in the next few weeks. I have no doubts that there are carp in there; in fact I was there last night and saw a couple in the weed. From the bank and trailways I can find very few places from which to fish but hopefully viewing from the water may help. Until now I had thought the north bank offered the best prospects because the water on the southside seems a hell of a way from the treeline.

Returning to my original theme, would you think that the Fraser in its lower reaches is very much colder than the Columbia in its lower reaches? I ask because the Columbia is heavily populated with carp. While it is popularly thought that carp prefer still water infact they survive very well in large fast rivers for example the Seine, Danube, Rhein, Elba, Po, Thames in Europe and indeed the River St Lawrence in eastern Canada where I have caught them in places which required 6 ounzes of lead to hold bottom.

The lower section of Fraser is tidal.

As for fast rivers, where carp is doing Ok - not all the river is fast and carp may find some eddies and slack water.

And good luck with your fishing. I would be surprised to see pictures of carp from lower Fraser, though.

It is inconceivable that there are not carp somewhere in the Fraser. Surely someone at sometime has seen carp in the Fraser? What about in Agassiz area?

Hey, carpseeker! I've made this photo specifically for you just a day ago. No, this is not Fraser - this photo is taken on a public dock in Salmon Arm at Shuswap Lake. There are tons of HUGE carp cruising around and fishing is allowed on that dock.

Wow - thank you Alex.
I shall check this out further as previously because of the travelling distance I had ruled out the Okanagan and further east. In fact I had been looking very hard at the prospects for the River Columbia which is stuffed with carp and within about a 6 hour drive. Constant references to rattlesnakes along the Columbia is a major off-put however!
Thank you again and any further information on carp locations gratefully received.

there are some carp in mill lake

Rattlesnakes are not as bad as you may think. Most of them will give you enough warning to avoid them. I've come close to stepping on 1 while fishing the Thompson river. It gave me lots of warning even though it was HOT. He was a big bastard sitting between the rails of the railway as I hiked along them to make better time. I've had many other instaces where they've warned me even though I couldn't see them. Just stop, figure out what direction they are and slowly move the opposite way. Hiking boots that come up over the ankle are a good thing to wear.

try the pitt river. I actully pick a ten pound carp on the rocky band a few years ago.

deer lake

yes i think there is carp in the river im from england been here 2 years and this year ive just found some spots i live in port moody there is just no info anywhere on carp you have to get in the car and drive around im looking for some maze thats hard enough still there here just a matter of finding them

Carpseeker, I'm in Chilliwack and often fish the fraser from the mouth of the Harrison river up to Agassiz. Never seen a carp come from the Fraser. There is a very healthy population in Hatzic Lake though. My realatives own property on the East shore and they say carp regularly bump the side of their canoe as they paddle out through the shallows.

Many thanks for all information offered. At the moment I am now concentrating on prospects south of the border. In fact make my first trip next week

Simon - did you find a supplier for maize?
Kodz - where is Mill Lake?
Alo - is rocky band an area of Pitt River - whereabouts?

If the carp ran big 30lb+ on the Fraser, people would have seen them, yet if they are in the Hatzic and sloughs there should be a population in the Fraser but from the (lack of) information the prospects are not very encouraging.

All information on carp location and carp fishing in Lower Mainland gratefully received.

still looking for maize

Mill Lake:

Location -

Depth Chart -

Fishing Reports -
straight off the res

there are some big carp in deer lake and if you want to take a trip there arre a lot of carp in penticton in both lakes and there are also many in the river that connects the two lakes
killer fisher

huge carp !!!
straight off the res

do carp fight hard

They do, I've thought about fishing them here but they are not a popular sports fish here. I've had little experiance with them coming from alberta but i did catch one by mistake while crappie fishing in Kansas. I was shocked by the fight that followed. A 5 lber felt like a monster on light gear.

Now this is a great post! Thanx MrGrey!


Fantastic posts Mr. McGrey1!

My friends enjoy catching carp in Toronto around Markham and they're weighing around 20 ibs.+! I was wondering, what is the best way of cooking it in case I do go carp crazy when i find a spot in the lower mainland?

This is a pic of the carp caught in and around Markham by Pablo...

Wow that sounds tasty... I'll post another pic of carp from Toronto caught some time this year...Hope the pics will do for now till you catch one. KEEP ME POSTED ONCE YOU DO!
Ritchie Blackmore Junior

There are Carp in the Mason Canal next to Mason road in ladner near the westham island bridge
Ritchie Blackmore Junior

I usually catch em on bread the most. Ive caught them on worms, Boiles, Flies, Lures, etc.
Ritchie Blackmore Junior

They put up a good fight

Hi Carpseeker,
I have fished Manitoba, and Saskachewan for large carp and been quite sucessful, I would love to fish the okanagen area this spring but don't know were to fish from the bank. Can anyone help.

Someone mentioned catching carp in Pitt River. If they are there, how could they not be in the Fraser?

There's also been mention of Carp in the Trinity ponds.....
On The Dry

There is carp big time in the frazer river and all the tribs also bass .crappie pumkinseed,and Huge amouts of golfish,,it seems Goldfish and fatt head minnos are really startin to show up in unspective streams rivers and lakes in the lowermaniland and merrit area kamloops,,all cause poepl yous them as live bait far ice fishing

I am keen to hook up with any keen carp fisherman in the Ladner area. I usually fish alone, but always happy to share the bank with a patient fisherman who enjoys the quiet.

I have caught some monsters in the sloughs over the past 3 years that I have been here right through the year.

Now want to explore the sloughs on Westham Island - were can one gain access legally near the bird sanctuary? Are there farmers who will let you on to their land?

When O first came to Canada in 1963 I caught a Common only a minnow of 5 pounds but sure outfought any Fish I could catch in the river including the harder to find Salmon. The Slough around the then Ocean Cement plant in Delta. Several others tries to get the bait without the hook were more successful . Since the3mn Ive caught them from the north shore of Deroche Slough the smallest was a 10 pounder and Ive netted a 20. Using worms
The Vietnamese like to bow fish and Ive seen much larger in their Sacks.
Spotted them on hot windless days cruising the surface of the Slough in front of Hayward lake along the Lougheed HWY.
\In the UK Ive not seen or heard of viewings in Flowing Waterways. I would not expect any different in Canada. Most Sloughs could be typical NON flowing status. Having a muddy bottom lots of vegetation thus edible fauna. Carp will not chase their meals so hit them on the head with whatever they will eat . Carp are not good eating ND Hatzic lake specimens are possibly the planets worst. The lake is muddy OH yes the Island inhabitants Spill all manner of Sewage into this body of water ( or media that contains water . IF it was dredged and the muds sold to local farmers it would be a huge positive for ALL Fish People Flood control and community. Banning Sewage disposal is Needed.
As for WHY are they not more widespread . Carp Bread by dispersing eggs amongst weeds Canadian's Like Clear Weed less waterways BAD for all species. Including trout and Salmonids.
For trout to proliferate We need to have waterways rich in MINOWS not PIKE minnows common 3 to 4 inch minnows we try to impersonate with lures. Ive not seen these species in CANADA they were known but were poisoned out. WE In effect Poisoned trout P|RIME diet needs. Flies grubs worms work but for a high metabolism fish thy dont cut it. WE NEED chub minnows. but again do not have the correct habitat weedy waterway's and lots of their foods. We do not have other Characins roach rudd Perch ( oh yes ) BC in particular has FISHLESS waterways as we have Murdered the natural feeds for predatory fish in an environment rich in feeds competition for eggs and certain species becomes MUTE. PIKE will not chase Faster trout and salmon if roach rudd and minnows are present. Now the migration of Carp from waters leading into the Fraser becomes Clear NO FOOD in transit. No vegetation between PORt 1 and Port 2. Water is too fast flowing too cold . in the sloughs it isslow and Warmed, by sun on shallows . pleanty of fauna Why move they have got it all where they are and do not need to relocate . Water of 60 to 70 F is preffered breading is March to July mosly from June to ju;y the rapid rise in temp causes them to Play house.
Look in Very slow to standing waters 6 inches to 12 feet of water . Ive seen them cruise Deroche sloughs 2 feet from shore looking like submarines Barely flinching a Scale. keep wel back of the river entrances as water temps are far tpp low . A NAtUrAL CARP FENCE. Want to get the kids interested in Angling Find a warm water near you and drown a worm.

Hey bigfishnow I know its been couple years since your post.. do you still fish for carp in Ladner i would like to try there. I will go and try to find a spot today

Wondering the same thing lol. There are carp in Ladner slough and there are tons of carp and bass in Ladner marsh. It’s at the end of windjammer road. Hope this helps.

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