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Author Topic: why shouldn't you eat fish from deer lake?

I saw in a topic somebody saying something like this.
Why? If the trout lives in a water then that water it is safe for people, as far as i know trout is a very sensitive fish to chemical waste.

Those "no swimming" signs all around the beach should give you a hint.Not to mention all the geese .

do you mean geese poooo?

all the living things in the lake pooo there
fish don't eat poo
even the carp, filters the mud out and swallows only the insects/vegetables from the bottom
poo doesn't get into their blood stream and meat, simply because didn't get there in the first place. why would it get there let's say after swallowing it again?
i think the story is made to make fun of some fishermans
so they wouldn't enjoy their catch

If you want to eat the fish out of that lake, go ahead, no one is stopping you.

By all means. Enjoy your poo.

Why do they stock deer lake then?

I've never seen any ducks/geese/other wildlife ie moose hanging out in any other "pristine" lakes in the interior before...
duck shit isn't going to affect your catch. I'd be more worried about hydrocarbons, pesticides and other pollutants in my catch!

Well those would be the first "pooos'" with out parasites then I'm sure. Eat up ...MMMM

Guys spooner is just upset because he can't catch anything, so he just wants no one fishing deer lake so he can go there and catch his first fish and eat it.

Spooner, stop being an idiot!

fisher 696

Fill yer boots. Go catch as many as you can. I think the limit is 4. That should make for a decent sized meal. If you go regularly you may be able to reduce yer grocery budget. After a few meals you will be so ridden with parasites that the point will have been made. "Fish don't eat poo"......True, however they do BREATHE it. It is in the gets in them.

guys they stock the lake for people, and i am pretty sure th efish don't eat poo, BUT deer lake is a verry poluted lake, For one i wuoldn't eat fish there, but i wouldn't care if someone else did.

I think you need to read a book on parasitology before you can tell everyone that fish breath in parasites and somehow these make it into their flesh...and then are not killed by cooking... and then are able to infect humans via consumption.
Many parasites don't infect humans well and even when they do they are often resolved by our own immune systems. After recently completing 5 weeks medical training on infectious disease (in which I scored 92%), I had not learned of any parasites from this region and of this type, that are significant enough to be taught to first year medical students. That being said, by no means am I an expert in this field; however, given my knowledge I would say that this is unlikely. Please correct me if I'm wrong-cite your source. cheers

I feel I didn't make my point as clear as I wanted. What I mean is that with proper preparation, parasites shouldn't be an issue for the immuno-competent host. I haven't heard of any parasites from this region, of this source, that have heat-resistant forms-like cysts, that pose a risk to humans.

Well then...

enjoy you're cooked poo.

Who cares what other people eat!

cooked poo? I thought this was 'gross' because of the parasites, not the poo!

Parasites, poo... whatever. It's still not for me. Most "wilderness" lakes will not get the level of polutants (of one form or the other) that an urban lake will get. I'm not telling you not to eat the fish from there, by all means eat up, just don't try and feed it to me.

Giver all ya want fishingforlife.
I'm not to worried about catching fish out of a lake you can't even swim in because of pollutants.Sorry if I came across as being an IDIOT I was only giving my opinion.I thought thats what this thread was about?.
Anyway.. I'm not saying that a fish from Deer Lake would kill ya to eat. I just wouldn't risk getting sick to eat a 10" soft fish from a warm, poo filled lake that you can't even swim in.
Tight Lines ;}
fisher 696

I stand corrected. I do not know anything about parasitic life forms specifically. I agree entirely with the above posting. I have seen people take rainbow colored chum home to eat. Just because I won't do it doesn't make it wrong. One thing that came to mind though......did they make any mention of red tide in that course? I know that it can be deadly but don't know if it is considered a parasite. A plankton bloom isn't it? Hoping ya'll have a good Canada day......Shane

call fisheries. their not going to stock a lake for the hell of it. its there to eat. is the lake as polluted as you all think? have you done tests? cause i'm sure fisheries did long before they released fish into it. and how the hell would a fish swimmin in some duck crap hurt ya? you eat carrots, potatoes, lettuce? its all growin in crap! oh no i guess i wrecked it for ya all, only thing safe is a cow and pig that roll in there own shit....
worst thing out there in a fish is probably a tape worm, and i don't know bout you guys, but i don't eat the guts, i save those for my carrots!
fisher 696

I haven't done any official tests, however, after launching my canoe and walking it out to knee deep water it took all of 20 mins for my calves to get red and blotchy and itch like a mother-$#@ker. I can remember as a kid riding my bike to the lake and spending the day swimming and playing with no ill effects. Things change. Shitty for us.

That's swimmer's's when the water is stagnant and is warm. Most lakes have it. Including lakes like the shuswap and okanagan-which are "clean" lakes. It is a parasite...from ducks lol. you're not going to get itchy skin from eating the fish though!

Come on now . Are you guys saying that fish don't absorb any of their enviroment? Warm muddy poo filled lake and the fish aren't going to be warm muddy and poo filled tasting?
Ive fished a few lakes that don't have the problems suburban lakes have, and those fish are soft and muddy tasting in the warmer weather .
Again just MY OPINION.
But if you trust every thing the fisheries tells ya, just take a look at our sockeye fishery......
The lakes make up has every thing to do with the taste of the fish .It may not kill ya but..... GAG

Fishing forum > why shouldn't you eat fish from deer lake?


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