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Do you have to remove one of the two hooks from a plug, if you want to fish it on a lake? I understand it for streams, but for lakes with stocked rainbow and no size limit...
My problem is that I would like to keep the lure as is made by manufacturer

pretty sure the trebles have to go (which isn't a big deal...I find that trebles are ridiculous over-kill) but I'm not sure if you can have two single hooks on it. I think they make a designation on lakes that require it ie. "single barbless hook" I'd scour the regs

not sure bout 2 hooks, but barbed trebles are not mentioned in the regs for lakes, so they must be just fine.

should be fine, as long as regs don't say ''single barbless hook only'' or ''artifical fly only'' for that lake.

should be fine, as long as regs don't say ''single barbless hook only'' or ''artifical fly only'' for that lake.

in lakes unless it specifies you can use anything

Pg 9. of Regs.
Allowable Fishing Methods or without a rod)with one fishing line to which one hook,one artificial lure OR one artificial fly is attached

Angle with a fishing line to which more than one artificial fly is attached

fishing rules in this province are so complicated. is it no wonder the rules are often broken.
as far as two treble hooks go on a plug..
only thing i see them any good for is pike.

and bass

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