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Anyone know where to buy fresh houligans for sturgeon fishing?

ooops...forgot to indicate: In the Mission/Maple Ridge area
fisher 696

Lol.....I think you mean eulachons. Sorry, I have no idea where to get them. Berry's baits may have some or know who does. If you are still set on using hooligans, may I suggest an English or Brazilian soccer fan????? lol

I'm fairly certain you won't find fresh eulachons anywhere around here, last I heard they were off limits for anyone to catch due to extremely low numbers. You should check the provicial fisheries website for FN's on eulachons. If anyone has them they are likely frozen. Why not try worms, roe, or semi rotten fish or boneless chicken, these are the alternative baits that I've heard of.

Yes, eulachons...wasn't sure of the
When we go out sturgeon fishing we like to try an assortment of things. We usually use roe and have tried worms, chicken,eels and even octopus tentacles in the past. I "heard" that in late April the eulachons are running and that is the sturgeon's "natural" food so thought we would give it a try.

The Oolie run crashed long ago and is never coming back that you can count on.

Oolies are sometimes brought in from the Bella Coola river by Berry's Bait in Richmond.

Hatch Matchers in Maple Ridge had some frozen "Houligans" might want to check there. How has the Sturgeon fishing been so far?

Thanks for previous suggestions. Found some at Hub Sports in Abbotsford (frozen) but because of the crappy weekend, didn't get out to try them. We went out sturgeon fishing in mid March - didn't get any thing, nor did any of the boats that were fishing down stream from us. I hear things will be picking up as the water warms up...which I hope is real soon!

Fishing forum > Houligans (Sturgeon bait)


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