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Heading up to that area around May 5th and was wondering if anyone could give me some opinions on these 2 lakes what the fishing is like. I was on the internet and saw a website about the Perch problem in Pinaus. We went to Tunkwa last year in early May and liked it (caught lots of trout, nothing all that big though, but most were catch and release anyways, except for a few choice ones for dinner) I prefer cabins with washrooms in them and these 2 resorts have that andreasonable price for 3 adults $95-$105 a night, and within a 4 hr drive from Mission, BC area that is why I chose these 2 lake resorts. Appreciate all info and open to other suggested lakes equivelent to these 2 choices.

If your going that far I would look at the Dee lake chain, but Postil can be okay.

Checked out the cabins at Dee Lake, too rustic for my liking...(female here! )lol.

Another lake I was checking out yesterday was Heffley.
Cream Corn

what about mile high resort on face lake it is not too far off the road i always try and talk the hubby into mile high but he has this thing about tunkwa

Mile High looks nice too. I will add that to my list of possibilities. Good luck with Tunkwa, you do realize that to reasonable priced cabins are VERY rustic unless you pay a higher price and get one of the newer cabins. We stayed in one of the older ones. No running water, had to use an outhouse and the community showers was like trying to shower in a broom closet.
Fishing was great, but the weather was chilly.
Cream Corn

how about roche lake resort if you want a nice place they have very nice accomadations i believe they are quite pricey though they have everything you need from the little store to the heated pool and the fishing usually rocks

Actually Roche Lake was our first choice, until we saw the price. I think it is going to be either Mile High, Pinaus or Postill. Still haven't heard what the fishing is like on Postill or Pinaus though. From what I have found on the internet, they should all be as good as Tunkwa....I hope anyways.

Salmon lake has nice cabins not sure about the cost though awesome fishin though.

pinaus used to be very good for big trout. the perch screwed things up for a while but i think they have some aggressive trout stocked that have done fairly well. there are several other lakes nearby that open may 1st and can be good. i'd prefer pinaus to postill . hope this helps.
good luck on the weather. it can be real cold in early may.

Mile high doesnt have large fish, if that's what you're after.Cabins are pretty sweet though Roche lake is awesome, for such a popular lake, I've never had a bad day fishing there. Fish are always 2-3lbs+.
Another suggestion may be the resort at Knouff. It's about 20-30mins past Kamloops and the cabins are rustic, can't remember if some had bathrooms

Thanks for all the replies. It is decided. We are going to Roche, got a fifth wheel and will stay at the Provincial if only the weather will hurry up and warm up! Am thinking of maybe going to Pinaus in June.

Never had any size success in Postil and been goin there since I was a kid. The fish get a lot bigger up Dee Lakes way, or even over at Oyama Lake you can pull out some biggys on the right day

Oyama is by far my favourite, although if the rustic thing is a concern, it may not be up your alley.

The lake is stocked with rainbows, they apparently get up to about 8lbs, but the biggest I've got was probably only 3.5.

If you check out Echo Lake near Vernon, they've got 20lb rainbows in that lake, just be sure you've got the right Echo Lake, there's two by that name that I know of in the Okanagan.

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