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Trooper 28* fisherman

I am wondering how good the bass fishing is at Silvermere lake. plz post anything you no about the lake or your trips or what you have caught there plz and what you used

Thx its greatly appreciated

I have caught a fish in there. It was very big and put up a good fight. Good lake.

Also a private lake. I don't think your allowed there.

i fish silvermere alot; big bass in there

It is a private lake, it is clearly posted all around it. I have seen a few people that were fishing from the shore along Lougheed Hwy at the southwest corner, to do so they have to cross over some fencing that has been pushed over or cut through. This is called trespassing, and while they may not be the ones that pushed the fence down, they are just as guilty due to being on someone else's property uninvited. Respect the rights of others if you expect your rights to be observed. Hopefully I get to see you being arrested for trespass next time I drive by, you'll know it is me because I'll be the one that will pull over to laugh while the police are slaping the cuffs on you.

Love fishing that private lake. Its so funny when the owners come running out yelling, I just jump on my dirt bike a speed off.

bass kick ass ,see it ryhmes

ive seen bass 7.5lb and ive personally got a five and a half in april on a monster sized plastic worm, mostly i fish spinner baits and senkos and frogs and brush jigs
Fish Slayer

Silvermere Lake is awesome, fish the opposite side to the highway by the forest section. Use a four inch green worm. Let it sink to the bottom and slow is the key to this lake, jig it ever slowly towards you and you'll get one every cast. pulled out a 6.9lb last year and many +4 pounders every day. 4-6 INCH GREEN WORM NOTHING ELSE, tie a small weight 12 inches above ur hook so they can suck the worm up easily. At one point last year, i was putting the tip of the hook into the worm and casting on top of the lillys and litterally dragging it across the lily pads, with it popping in and out of the water and you would see a wake from 5-10 feet away come just blasting through the water after it and hit it like a ton of bricks. Make sure you have tough enough line to get through the lilly pads though or your hooped. All of the docks are just awesome as well. BUT PLEASE DONT PISS OFF THE OWNERS ON THE LAKE!!! be nice and if they ask you to leave do!! just come back a few days later.

Where do you park ? Thats all I need to know, just a safe place where I can park with ZERO worries of being towed. I can deal with the so called property owners myself.

Any one wanna go a bassin' soon ?


fished it a few years ago now.Great bass lake.park at corner of keystone and hayward numerous spots last time I was there. fish that end of lake under anything that floats

i got boat and motor but no ride

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