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Was reading the info on brookies up at Dennett and Munro, and was wondering if any of you have hiked into Widgeon. I gather there is a you have to boat to the creek mouth, then hike in a old forestry road from there.
If you have been there, how high is the "creek". Could you canoe up it, or are we talking either carrying in the canoe, or boat up and hike in with float tubes.

Thanks for any info you can offer
fisher 696

Widgeon lake is accessed by a short canoe trip across Pitt lake to Widgeon slough, followed by about a 1 1/2 hour gentle paddle up the creek. That's the easy part. After you run out of navigable water, it's a good 3 hr hike to the canyon that leads to Widgeon lake. This is the really hard part. The route up is STEEP, wet and strewn with debris. Portaging a canoe is NOT an option. A float tube on yer back is NOT an option. If you really want to pack in a float tube, inflate it IF you make it there. In the mapbook it says prefered access is by float plane....... Oh HELL YA. Go to Google Earth and u can see 2 pictures of the lake. Also if you tilt and pan you can see the route up to the lake and get an idea of what you are in for. A lot of nice pics of the creek. Also, if you are crazy enough to go, (lol) plan to stay overnight. Be aware that this is cougar country and to take the necessary precautions.

I've never been, but as soon as the snow there melts a little bit, I'm going. As far as I know, the lake is frozen until July. Anyone know if it's OK to icefish there? I checked the regs, and it's just the usual barb and bait ban. Anyone know how thick the ice is in late March?
Same questions for Garibaldi Lake. Haven't checked regs yet.

As for access to the lake there is LOTS of info available online. The best (and probably the only) way is to get a canoe, paddle into widgeon creak as far as you can. Just do a search for all the details. Make sure you know where you're going.
Don't try to reach it from Quarry Road. I tried

Basically I'm looking for somewhere for the brother-in-law and I to hike into to fish this year (weekend trips). Have the pack to carry everything, float tube and/or canoe, and a rifle for bears/cougar. Looking at Dennett, Widgeon, and any others anyone else can suggest. We both live in PoCo, thats why I have targeted the lakes above.

You could also try Greendrop or Lindeman Lake out here in Chilliwack. Lindeman is fairly popular as it's the shorter hike of the 2. I've fished Lindeman and had some luck from shore. Steep hike up but not too long. I've never been to Greendrop as we hit a freak snowstorm on the way up last year.
fisher 696

I heard on the news last night that 4 wolves,.....yup l said WOLVES.... have been seen in the upper Pitt. It is thought that they will patrol from Harrison to Squamish. Something to keep in mind when we are in the outdoors.

The other possibility is just to fish Widgeon slough and creek. I gather there are cutties in there, and from descriptions I read on-line you could camp at a variety of places if you didn't want to stay at the main site. Anyone here tried the slough or creek, or am I wasing my time with this idea.
sugar magnolia

I hiked in to that lake a number of years ago with a few buddies.The hike is brutal but the fishing was awesome.We made a small log raft and went out to the island where the small cabin is.Most of the fish we caught were out of the smaller lake at the creekmouth,They averaged about a pound and were great tasting.

I've tried the slough and creek a several times, and I've caught no more than one cutty on an outing, but usually get a few pike minnows (I don't keep them, the only one I ever tried tasted like mud), and I usually go for as soon as the gates to Grant narrows Park opens, till late afternoon early evening. I've found that there are a number of more productive locations up the lake, or around the mouth of the Allouette River, or BeBouville Slough further downstream on the Coquitlam side. Mind, like I've told the wife, if was all about the fish I'ld have given up long ago.

Note: at least some of that area along the north side of the creek and the west side of the slough is either private land and/or reservation. Please respect the rights of the people that have title to those locations, and pack out whatever you pack in.

"Mind, like I've told the wife, if was all about the fish I'd have given up long ago."

You can say that again!
My roommates never understand. "you never catch anything, why do you keep going?!" haha.. fools

Sugar Magnolia, you said you've been there. Any idea how thick the ice is late march? Will I be able to make a hole with a hand-auger (70$ from Canadian Tire).

I've been "eyeing" this lake for 2 years now (on other forums, on google earth, and even from the airplane, landing in Vancouver), never actually pushed myself to go. If I went, I would probably go by myself. My friends prefer nightclubs..
fisher 696

I doubt that there is ice up there now. Also, packing in an ice auger along with camping gear and tackle is a tall order. I have to say again... GOOGLE EARTH...... tilt and zoom to the area where the creek empties out. That is the route up. It is a tough climb. A very tough climb. Imagine the Grouse grind only twice as steep and no trail, with a stream running down it. Forget the glory gear. Basic bush camping and pack LIGHT. Additionally, DO NOT GO INTO THE BUSH ALONE. I don't want to read about you in the paper. A twisted ankle or knee are great ways to end up spending a day or more by yourself crawling down a mountain. NOT FUN. It's one thing to go fish pegleg by yourself, another thing entirely to go bush. Kinda like snorkeling and scuba diving. You never dive alone.
Also, sounds to me like you need a few new friends. Lol

maybe the best time to go is in augest if your too tired to hike the 9km trail you can fish for sockeye throughout widgeon slough they get a massive run there i heard from a friend or in october you can get chum or coho but c&r since its all wild run. i went with my p.e.class last may and it took a little more than an hour for the canoe trip we went to the falls about half hour into the hike ,and thats a nice sight to see, im too interested now doing that hike in the summerbut are you suppose to leave your kayak or canoe at the little campsite , i dont want to come back with nothing there
sugar magnolia

I went up in early july,The hike is about as bad as it gets.Its tough but there is a trail.Anybody know if the small cabin on the island is still there???
Good luck

for sure im going there this summer to see what its really like ill give an udate when i do it

Sounds like a trip being planned for the sharphookers.

i bring beer

beer is too heavy

i read on a hikers' forum that the cabin is no longer there
fisher 696

I'm in!!!!I'll bring the hippy empties to pack out. lol
sugar magnolia

There is a small forestry campsite there.
Thats to bad about the cabin,What happened to it??
sugar magnolia

Was trying to add a pic.

im not sure, i remember reading about it on another forum. I can't find the link now.
Could probably build another one...


Can't wait until summer. I'm def going. If anyone wants to come, come. Lets plan this shit.

I'm in. I'll bring my axe and rambo knife.

when i was canoeing in the widgeon creek i've seen many fish but not sure what they were. If I was a rainbow trout that is where i would want to be. Why wouldn't there be any rainbows? there has to be but they are probably hard to find

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