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anyone been out in the last couple of days? hit edith last week and killed it but that lake can change from hour to hour. any word on any other lakes in the area would be a[ppreciated.

why not leave Edith alone and let it recover from the summer kill.

ice fishing is for old fat guys.

tuna tuna i great good numbers of jay tuna on hards good deck

does anyone know if white lk is frozen over yet?

hey thanks for the info tuna, chump. cagey dont know if white is frozen yet. should be it has been subzero for a couple of weeks.

you guys handicapped? here's an idea, get in the truck and go find out for yourselves.

I do get out and around goof. sometimes its nice to an area that is doing well. alot of lakes in the area and a day in the cold with no fish can really suck.

experience would tell you there are never any guarantees in fishing. the fact that some old fat guys may have hauled a few fish through the ice yesterday, gives you no guarantee of catching any today or tomorrow. just another typical lazy modern day internet angler searching the web to find all the answers instead of putting any time in to learn something for himself.

you want a guaranteed fish, haul your lard arse down to the seafood section at safeway and drop a few $$.

listen guy, i fish rivers about 60-70 days a year. all i was doing was asking a question about whether anyone had been out and caught a couple of fish. i wasnt asking for any secret spots or anything you fucking idiot. the fact is that you are the typical internet clown who thinks he knows it all and then during salmon season will be asking me where ive been fishing. this website seems to have a few of you douche internet nerd critics. if you have nothing positive to say why answer?

you're on the web asking for ice fishing advice and expect me to believe you are some sort of an expert angler?

60+ days a year flossing salmon is nothing to brag about. it requires almost as little skill as ice fishing. this is just another example of the greedy no-ethics attitude poisoning the sport fishing masses of the lml. I don't know what's worse. the fish pig flossers or meat head ice fishers.

does your mom know you use that kind of language?

why don't you go away tuna. the member asked a reasonable question as did i. if you do not like ice fishing keep it to yourself. some of us enjoy a day with friends getting fresh air.
if someone is breaking a law then act on it. otherwise you are not the "rule maker" and should mind your own business.
as a kid i was always told if you don't have anything nice to say then shut up. this message should thus go to all those who have ruined this site. now lets talk fishing, in a positive way and cut out all the bs,

enjoying a nice day out in the fresh air is one thing cagey, meat harvesting through ice is quite another.

you clearly missed the point i made about edith taking a big hit from summer kill. it does not need the added insult of being pounded by ice fishers. this lake has the potential to be one of the most productive lakes in the region, yet it continually gets punished every winter from the meat heads.

ice fishing is not sport fishing therefore dereke's was not a "reasonable question"

no i did not miss your point.
i understand what you say about overfishing a lake but fisheries has obviously dicided to sacrifice edith. many lakes in the kamloops region close during the winter.
you went further than trying to save edith lk. you attacked ice fishermen as being fat etc. not fair at all.
you have decided ice fishing is not sport fishing. your opinion. i might think using trolls is not sport fishing or that artificial bates should be outlawed. (i do not believe that but...). that would only be my opinion. i am welcome to advance my opinion in this forum but i have no right to ridicule those who disagree. voice your opinion if you wish but this site has seen enough of the bs that people (are some of these actually people?) have been posting.
the post was for info on ice fishing. if you can help the person then respond. if you want to start a diferent thread expressing your opinion on outlawing ice fishing then do so but do not berate those that enjoy it. by all means if someone is overfishing report them, don't just complain to others. tell fisheries to close edith and tell them why. maybe they will listen.


Your answer about river fishing for salmon really shows how little you know. I do not fish for sockeye in rivers because they are very tough to get to bite. Coho, Chum, and Pinks however are very aggressive and you can watch them turn around and chase your flies. That coupled with a short leader or using a floating line with a weighted fly you a getting a good hookset in the snout everytime. Cagey is absolutely right, your opinion of ice fishing is just that, your opinion, and there is no need for the attack on me for asking a question. I agree there was no need to use the foul language but dont treat me like im some a*#hole who goes to a lake and takes 10 fish with me. When I fished edith a few weeks back I took two fish home with me and released a dozen back so maybe you shouldnt geralize so quickly.

Fishing forum > ice fising near kamloops


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