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Such devistation and to think I was fishing in that campsite 3 weeks ago????????

Whats the big deal? So what a slide happand, get over it, its called NATURE!

thats pretty bad slide and fish4 fun shut up you dumbshit

whats your problem? Its fukn NATURE thats all!
What u guys gonna cry ur yeyes out over some mud and rocks?
fisher 696

The big deal is the loss of 3 camping areas, the risk to land & people downstream and the millions of dollars it will take to clean up the logs and debris. To some of us these things are cause for concern. Perhaps if you took the time to pull yer head outta yer ass and thought about others instead of slagging posts you too may realize that these types of events affect people. It is ignorant self centered idiots like you that are ruining our world. Shut up or grow up. Have a nice day.

Big deal.... Live with it. The world is fuked anyways. Might as well help it along to its death.
Have a great day everyone!

I read in Tuesday's Chilliwack paper it was the largest slide since the big Hope slide of 1965. Also the rush of water created by the slide hiting the water caused a wave 10 meters high. Pretty intense for sure.


the world is slowly coming to an end. declining fish stocks,artic melting, and global warming. the world is coming to an end

Maybe i will live long enough to get in a little cannibalism.If the world gets close to the end protein will be in short supply so all you young healthy ones should stay out of sight.
fisher 696

ROTFLMFAO...........I've not thought about that......wonderful observation. Perhaps there is hope after all.

see the thing is is that nature has done this for a reason. not for the campers that may or may not go there or even for the fishermen. there should be no millions of dollars "cleaning up" what nature has done. i say the same for the chehalis slide, stanly park last winter and even the tsunami on boxing day (what was is last year or the year before?). in order for nature to work it needs to have storms and bring down trees and churn the soil. the earth is aerated. the fallen trees become home to new trees full of life providing fuel for growth, adding nutrients to the soil and plants, and providing shelter for forrest creatures who then live longer and reproduce more. and guess what? that means that there is more to hunt and fish. just because nature has changes the way things look and operate doesnt give any of us permission to to try to "fix the problem". if nature were given an actual age, it would be unfathomable to any of us. nature knows what its doing and its not doing it for the short term (a.k.a. our lifetime). boo-urns that a couple of campsites got wiped out. big deal. they will relocate. we need nature doing waht it does best. even if that means inconviniencing our regular camping trip. we've got to be looking at the REALLY REALLY big picture

by the way, nice picure of the slide.

Beefeater you say it best!
fisher 696

The cleanup that needs to take place is that of the hundreds of trees and assorted debris that is floating on the lake. The concern is that they will float into the river and create a log jam/dam. Should this happen and the dam gives way suddenly, there are many people and property downstream that would be in harms way.


Amen beefeater

Hey beefbeak,

Do you really have any idea what you are saying or are you just puffing your chest out and reciting from a grade 8 Biology handout ?

fish on

Nice new post, you have increased this site's IQ total by 0 (ZERO)

Well done.
fish on

Here are some photo's after the slide
fish on

Video from this past spring. Sounds like there was another slide earlier in the year near the end of the video.

Wow ! you're good with copy and paste

i agree that city folks over react and try to control nature. the logs in the lake simply provide fish habitat! it makes fishing extremely difficult sure, but then less fish are caught and in return the population grows and fish get bigger. as for a log jam/ flooding maybe it would flush the hundreds of trees that fell into chehalis river in the last year out. i understand the reserve is in danger, but so what the dikes were raised and if need be sand bag it, much cheaper than a multi million dolar clean up that is unneeded. It was negligent how the government deactivated the chehalis FSR in anticipation of the slide yet failed to warn the public. They put enuf effort into deactivating it to stop dirt bikes! They know full well the mystery creek system is linked and stil provides access from west harrison FSR. Either way im glad acess is restricted, you ever been up in peak of summer? its a FUCKING WAR ZONE. lets just say u dont walk away from the fire alone without the axe.

you realise there was a 4x4 group who offered to replace the bridge and they were ignored. beleive what you want they just wanted an excuse to close the road. i could careless about the fags in east van. ive seen gang beatings up at chehalis, ppl too drunk to stand walking around at 2am with their shotgun. one time some guys got in an argument and they torched his truck in the campsite...

whatever call me beak if you want i dont care. i dont even remember grade 8 science thank you very much. all i know for sure is that i love to spend my time outdoors. and not just on my front lawn doing yardwork. i go to the lake in the city and its so polluted with cigarette butts and pop cans (and beer cans) its disgusting. and then there is all the traffic noise. i've watched the city expand aroung my favorite lake and it is killing it. a few roads went in. then a few stores. now they're building condosjust down the road. then when i drive to one of the remote lakes where there is hunting and fishing and the area is healthy. there are broken off trees all over the place in the lake. but the small fish put up a bigger fight and the forrestgrows healthy. when the fawns can reach more plant to eat they die less resulting in more surviving adult deer for me to shoot and eat. if you're really that worried about the river eating your house or whatever, move. its a waterway. the grand canyon carved its way out slowly but surely. the same thing is happening with all of our streams and rivers.

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