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Trooper 28* fisherman

me and my friend and his dad went out sturgeon fishin. It wasnt a bad since wqe had caught 15 fish. but 1 of those was a 10 ft. this fish weighed about 500 lbs. its yook us a mile and a half down river and a hour and a half to bring in. it was a good day!!!

congrats on the hog!

Nice catch. I'm not trying to be a smart @55, but is it ok to have the rope on the fishes tail and a hand in it's gill slit? I haven't fished for sturgeon, so I would like to know before I go out about the proper handling of one of these fish, particularly the larger ones. I do know that on other fish, when you are going to be releasing them that sticking your hand or fingers into the gills is an almost guaranteed method of ensuring that they won't survive.

Good point clowfish.
Not to rain on your guys's parade but I think he may be right.
Trooper 28* fisherman

ya my friends dad wasnt thinkg about the whole gill thing. but we neede a picture and it was so heavy he couldnt lift it up. but it was o.k. when it swam away
Trooper 28* fisherman

too excited

Wow honesty, very nice.
Very nice catch.
Trooper 28* fisherman


omfg!!! u NEED a picture??? No, u mean u WANT a picture, but forgot that u NEED to make sure the fish is not harmed. unbelievable the amount of ignorance out there. all that for a pic.

Ignore this guy....
Trooper 28* fisherman

i lost it.

Reply to Clownfish
Sturgeon have a pretty big gill plate so that fish was probaly alright not realy a great idea but if your careful you can grab them there without harming them. The rope around the tail is okay if you use a nice soft rope nylon could harm them because it is quite abbrasive. Another thing to be considered is the little wiskers or barbuals (whatever there called) around the mouth they are esential to a sturgeons feeding as that is how they pick up the scent so damaging those could cause a sturgeon some serious trouble as well

Sturgeon are one of the toughest fish going, yes tailing like it's been said is ok with a good rope. As for the gill plate thing, it happens. Nice fish, don't let the twits get you down. These fish have been found hours after being caught in the back of poachers cars released and still do fine.

JR, you are one of the dumbest dopes I have ever read on this site. I fear that you are out there fishing BC waters.

Fishn4fun, what's your beef? You just another one of the disfunctional arm chair fishermen on here?

Changed my mind Fishn4fun I don't give a shit, you're just another idiot
sturgeon slayer

heyy guys sry but this isnt a argument forum this is a fishing forum.

sugar magnolia


its a huge fish im prety sure they cant even pick it up

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