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For anyone who comes onto this website in search of fishing reports and/or excellent sources of fishing information and are extremely dissappointed when you discover that most or all of the old timers who used to post great reports and infortmation on this site have moved onto other good websites, and that this site provides little or no useful fishing information, here is a link to an awesome website with more useful tips and information (in the discussion forums especially) than any other fishing website I've come across yet:

And they'll totally get rid of any little teenage jackasses that try to post teenage crap!

See ya'll there

Thanks for the info Krusty, took a look around and your right. Seems like a great site with some real fishermen (and gals), and seemingly with some young folks that can express themselves like respectful members of our society.
I think I will enjoy this site...
Cheers, hope to see you around.

My pleasure Chev!

It's a pretty good site eh

does this mean your leaving this great site guys? because sharphooks holds the most usefull information than any other sites

lol coto... right...
Kispiox Special

Currently, it seems that the other boards are having quite the influx of people comming over to post childish stuff. For instance - someone came over and posted a thread called "Beak007" on fishbc, which was promptly deleted by a moderator. Also, another member was immediately banned when it was found to be a childish poster who has been raising heck on Fishing with Rod and here.

Can we please keep all the children on this site, but the good members who have something informative can come visit any time.


Thats better. I don't think I will be visiting this site anymore. Maybe if the children get tired and move on to something else I can come back for some good info.

You guys are half the problem stop bitching and maybe people would stop.


You are such a hypocrite:

"Beak007, you should shut the fuck up for once you gay fag."

Did you not just say this yesterday on another post/thread?

What credibility do you have after saying something like this? After preaching the complete opposite and telling others to stop posting remarks like yours? Until you practice what you preach, don't give me any advice jackass!

Well since in your above post you just said bcfishingreports is a good site without bad guys well i guess your one of them since your saying stuff like jackass. Maybe your the hypocrite, get your head in the game!

Listen i don't want anything to start up again. ok so lets just end it ok.

sorry i kind of agree with seacaster. if you look at whats been posted recently its been pretty good over the last couple of weeks. besides people announcing why they hate the site and that they want to leave, its been pretty fish-tastic. the jist of the crap ended a while ago and all the people being entertained by the bullshit will follow you around to all the other sites you can think of too.
river-rod dyl

its funny how you guys keep saying this sight is terrible for people are screwing it up... nothing has gone wrong in a while and yet most people are making others go to different sights posting what the better sights are and saying how good every other sight is.. krustybra, your sounding more a hypocrite than seacaster

First of all River Rod kid, learn how to spell! Otherwise don't even bother posting anything because you don't make sense.

Secondly, this topic has gotten way off track. It's supposed be about other fishing websites that actually offer great tips, info, reports etc.

Your the one who brought this off topic if this sight is so bad just leave alright!

oh cares if you misspell a word, it really doesn't matter stop going after people.

I think it's quite clear now.

river-rod dyl = fishinforlife = seacaster

beak007=krustybra=mrgrey Your theory doesn't make any sense like this one here


thanks cracko that helps me out a lot. i appreciate it.
river-rod dyl

wtf are you talking about.. im not fishinforlife or seacaster... your an idiot beak007... and by the way krustybra who the hell cares if i spelt something wrong this isnt english class okay and your telling me to leave im not the one bitching about how this site sucks so shut the fuck up

Spelling would help, but really river rod dildo your use of the english language could also improve.
river-rod dyl

so could your dissing ability

Don't think so i have always recieved A plus for my dissing ability. I never have to sink to using swearing to diss some one either. But then my intelect is a lot higher than your average wet behind the ears posters here.

Psycho how long did that take you to write that? your dissing is almost as worst as the way you fish.

seacaster i think you should reread your post, correct the spelling and the grammar. Then i just may be able to understand your post. I have seen better writing from grade one children but then just maybe you are an advanced pre school student.

Cheers psycho

Just to let you know, your stupid spelling shit is old now, come back with new stuff.

Great come back Seacaster!

The fact that you and River-Rod can't spell and your use of the English language is pathetic, only reveals your true I.Q. levels to the rest of us.

You should be embarrassed by how stupid you are!

Just to get this thread back on topic, here's a link to another informative fishing website:


um krusty bra look whos talkin bud. btw are you a guy or girl im guessing a girl because you talk like a fag.

see what i mean seacaster, your level of communication is really quite low. Have you thought of maybe taking some night school or better yet starting grade one over. I think if you take some of the suggestions to heart and really try you could learn to communicate with other people. You would be amazed at the prospects there are if you learn to read and write intelligently.

haha maybe pschyo you can get a life and maybe try to get some friends because your little education thing is really terrible,it is actually not funny after the first one its is getting old. remember what i said come back when you have a better diss. ok bud

If you notice seacaster your last post was almost acceptable. If you just improve your punctuation a bit you will be very good poster. It is amazing what a little help will do for some one who is willing to learn. I will soon be looking forward to your well written posts.Soon i will be able to share my years of fishing experience with you.

Cheers psycho

HAHA So how long did that take you?

HAHA So how long did that take you?

Now there you go back to you old ways, not only a double post but totally lacking in punctuation.You must concentrate when you are posting,plus think before you type.

Cheers psycho

river-rod dyl

holy shit pshyco, can you think of anything else to say or is that all you got.. buddy, this lack of punctuation joke maybe was good for the first post, but there is a whole god damn page of it now, either think of something else to say or just dont bother of posting anymore on this topic..... and by the way, Krustybra, I have spelled site wrong from a post from before so i should be embarrassed on how stupid i am, to me thats a very stupid thing to say!

The reason Psycho keeps talking about Seacaster's and River Rod's brutal grammar and spelling abilities is because most of their posts are extremely difficult to read and understand properly. I think he's only trying to help them out. He's right you know; maybe someday they'll both be able to spell and compose proper sentences in their postings that everyone will be able to understand completely.

By the way River Rod and Seacaster, have you guys ever posted a fishing report? In case you've both forgotten, this is a fishing website; and people are encouraged to post information related to fishing. You should try it sometime!
worst enema

bullhooey, this site is abort the werst 1 i ever been2

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