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ok from now on i will stop with the bad comments and stupid stuff like that. i will respect this site and do what i came here to do. to talk about fishing. sorry guys for what i did. anyone else wanna say something??

had some fun on msn tonight didn't we?

sorry beak i don't recall adding or tlaking to someone

Dude, you posted that same idea 5 days ago, and look what you've done since then.

seriously now i have actually apologized before was nothing but when i apologize its serious. why don't you apologize?
river-rod dyl

why would JR apologize... he didnt do anything
sugar magnolia

Shouldnt you guys be doing homework or something???
river-rod dyl

shouldnt you get a life or something??

I think that river- rod dyl dude should grow up and go do his homework before his teacher takes him over the knee. That beak007 character to.
river-rod dyl

by the way this is such an old topic and plus you just copied what the other guy said so you kind of made urself look bad in both ways there

Fishing forum > WAY OUTTA HAND


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