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Interesting how you are disrespectful of Rod from "Fishing with Rod" on this site, and asking him for help on his site.


Copied from "Fishing with Rod" website.
river-rod dyl

that was my older dad
river-rod dyl

and how is that a hypocrite.. that sight actually helps people when this sight everyone here just sits on there ass and jerks it to older men

"that was my older dad you fucking idiot.. nice try you retard "

So you have a younger dad? Is your family inbred like some of the hillbillies back east? That would explain how you can't figure out why, "and how the fuck is that a hypocrite.. that sight actually helps people when this sight everyone here just sits on there ass and jerks it to older men ". As well as explain your poor spelling and grammar, IE. "sight" instead of "site" and "your" instead of "you're" (short for "you are") from your post on the main page, "your the biggest handicap i have ever heard buddy ".

And if that post on "Fishing with Rod" was made by your "older dad", why would you want to use the same "handle" and then make the kind of posts you do? Do you not realize that by doing so you create the impression that there is only ONE person with that "handle" and that he is a total moron.

If that really was your father, then I appologize to him, most wholeheartedly, and offer him my sympathies for having sired such a brain dead git.

Normally I would not have bothered saying anything, I usually can't be bothered to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent. But, you, and others, have posted such sickening garbage on this site, for someone to even search for the kind of images that you posted in previous strings on this site shows that you are a sexual deviant that should be locked away to protect everyone else.

Post any further responses you like, I've had my say, and I'm not ashamed of what I have said, and do not care if I get turfed from this site for it, it needed to be done.
Kispiox Special

Rodney has done alot for the fishing community, and I for one would like to say that i have alot of respect for that man.

Wow, that was awsome clownfish. I really hope this git finally gets it.

Shit Riddles..............its all shit riddles...............good one clownfish looks like you scared him away
river-rod dyl

yeah he scared me away??
river-rod dyl

i like to no when i was disrespectful to rodney on this site?

Defective memory as well? Do you deny posting these? I'm not going to bother searching for more, although I'm fairly certain I would find more.

Everyone that has read anything you have posted can see that you are incapable of communicating above the level of the gutter that you wallow in.

river-rod dyl Posted: 11/2/2007 7:29:47 PM Reply

there aint no point he wont let you back on cuz u think ur rebel saying shit on fishing websites dont you fishinforfun lol just kidding JK.. but he wont put you back on unless you practicly get on ur knees and blow em
river-rod dyl Posted: 11/2/2007 7:33:31 PM Reply

hey J.R.. just SHUT THE FUCK UP!! stop being Rodneys bitch and stickin up for him just get the fuck out off this website or shut the fuck up to fishinforlife

Item #1 posted in string, Fishin with Rod

Item #2 posted in string, WOW

I think that this should be sufficient, I will not be responding to anything further from you, I have far more intelligent activities to keep me occupied than providing you with "37 8x10 colour glossies, with circles and arrows, and a paragraph on the back of each one, describing what each one is all about."

river-rod dyl

i am not going after rodney i was telling that guy to stop sticking up for him.. and I was standing up for my friend... and in the first posting you have i was just kidding to fishinforlife not saying anything to rodney.. get your facts right

Oh so it was you after all and not your older dad, hahaha
river-rod dyl

it was me on this sight but not on fishing with rod... do you no how to read?

Olie', I'm fairly sure that river-rod dyl, and others, have gotten the point of some of the responses from myself and others. What he chooses to do from this point on is up to him, hopefully he is willing to make the effort, however, there is no sense in attempting to provoke him to more undesireable postings.

I think that this string should be allowed to fade into the background, adding to it any further is obviously like rubbing salt into a wound.

Fishing forum > river rod dyl=hypocrite


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