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well after of all the countless number of dirty chums in the river i decided to fish the lower part maybe for a coho , but i got into a chum , not too bad actually , gave it to some guy and i kept the roe
river-rod dyl

HAHAHAHAHA that is not even close chrome... that is hilarious omg lol thats a funny one right there!
river-rod dyl

why would u even waste up camera space for that disgusting thing.. you probably snagged it anyway

where did you get that at squamish

compared to the ones that have all their skin falling off and are all purple and nasty its not too bad. looks cleaner than any one i've ever pulled out.

Do you guys prefer to smoke chum or cook them at home?

when i worked at canfisco, chum were sent to europe. to me that says they are not fit to eat here. i have heard they are best smoked. Ed

ive never tried chum salmon , its shipped to europe because all they eat theyre is carp so chum i guess would fit in fine with that fish group.i dontknow maybe ill try it sometime if i get a superchromer in the ocean or something. plus sorry riverroddyl that chum was not snagged it was caught on a large homemade silver spinner which work great for coho .

river-rod dyl- u never post anything constructive or helpful to anyone, instead, u bash people. if you don't have anything positive to say, don't say anything at all.

BTW- nice fish man, i'd consider it a chrome chum as thats about as good as they get lol
river-rod dyl

doesnt matter.. unless a chum is chrome than leave it... its dusgusting watching people take gross half dead fish home to smoke or cook..
river-rod dyl

and baitfisher i do give tips and tell constructive comments by either telling where the hot spots to fish are or what bait or lures to use but there is no point putting a disgusting fish for a topic.

K,u go out and catch a chum chromer than that in the river and i'll shut up.
river-rod dyl

why the hell would i waste my time fishing for chum in the first place, its called coho.. try it sometime.

HAHA nice fish. lil yucky but i bet it put up a good fight!good job

wtf are you saying shit junior get off this fuckin website we don't need inexperienced fags. are you saying coto's fish is gross. but it just put up a nice fight you should learn how to catch a fish first. i got a fishing report for you go fuck urself.

Coto, at that colouring level all you need to do is feel the fish, if it's still firm then it's good enough for the smoker. Some like canning them, not to my liking.
river-rod dyl

are you blind fishinforlife... that fish is disgusting! I am saying that the fish is gross and probably didnt put up a fight.. it probably just floated in cuz it looks almost dead
river-rod dyl

it was probably dead on the beach and "coto" picked it up and said he caught it and handed it to some other guy.

oh big man talking here , so i will confess i was just walking the banks of stave and whatever was close to the shore i would pick it up , but i dint give any of the fish away ,why would i? i made a great fish soup , sorry for the bs i was posting earlier i aplogize
river-rod dyl

finally you admit it

i dont throw any guts out , the whole fish is edible why waste a fish , so much free meat and so good , you can see me at stave keeping dead chum in october , by now yoll see me at the vedder for the pinks (keep the humpies theyare tasty) and by january ill be at chehalis keeping black/tomatoe coloured coho , . hope to see all you guys out there on the river
river-rod dyl

okay you just totally ruined this argument

he just said stave idiot
river-rod dyl

what the hell are you talking about??
fish on

Good fish for the Stave, they fight harder pound per pound of any salmon's.

this guy is a idiot..i havnt logged in here because of guys like us a pic of ur fish's ????..u spend so much time talkin bop to everyone on here when do u fish?...

Not a bad fish, Chum will often look worse than this even when caught in the salt chuck. You certainly don't see Chum like this in the Stave very often.

Fishing forum > stave chum kinda chrome


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