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WELL... I am the moderator here and I for one have had enough as well. I've sent countless emails to the "owners" with no response.

All the power I have is to delete posts and repeated attempts to contact the owners about anything let alone deleting someones account have gone unanswered.

I give up too... I dont get anything in return to do this "job" not even a reply to an email.

The Yak
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river-rod dyl

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The Yak


Maybe it's time to have some of the people on this site to take over.
if there is any way of getting ahold of the Owners I would be happy to talk to them about Buying the site from them.

This use to be a good site for local information, But as of late has become a site for pissing matches.

I said a few months ago that I would not post here again, but this site can be saved if the owners would just pay attention to it or sell it to someone that would.

If there is any way of getting a response from them please contact me so that I can speak to them about it.

Kispiox Special

I would love to see a new moderator. I for one would like to step up to the plate as well. This site could be so much more with a moderator.

Show of hands how many people would like to be a SERIOUS moderator.

There is a bigger issue here than Moderators. I have tried repeatedly to contact the owners to see about how we can buy this site or have the members take it over and run it ourselves.

I have sent MANY e-mails with no response and so has some of the mods. If we can't get an answer from them then I would assume that they don't come here and have no clue to what kind of childish crap is going on.

Until someone gets the owners to talk to them we have to either put up with this crap or just say screw it and leave.

I am also a member of fishing with Rod as well as FlyBC and I am a supporter on FlyBC. These are GREAT sites,but I still think that with the right owners and Mods we can get this site going with good info on local lakes and rivers.

If anyone has any other ideas on how to get the owners attention, please let me know.

Kispiox Special

Very true, Rick. I completely understand that it has nothing to do with the moderators. They were given no power at all to make this forum and website a healthy one.

This site has good potential, but requires some special touches. I would love to get a mailing address or phone number to speak with them directly as well. Will letcha know if I find out anything for you.

New management and moderating team would be the starters....

Fishing forum > Goodbye cruel site


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