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Well, not to complain about this site, but when you go to Club News and it says to check out some recent fishing reports and the one that is featured is from a report from June 2006, does this mean that is the last time someone was around cleaning this place up?
The chat forum is good for info, (when we don't have all the kids running around it, making there little messes), but some updated "top Ten" spots would be kinda nice too!
Beside the "contact us" down below, which doesn't get responses (as I've heard, and I too have sent in an email) does anyone know who is in charge of this, or how to get hold of someone??
I would take on myself of getting hold of if anyone had any further information...seems a tad of a waste to spend $40 but not have any support...
Any insight is appreciated

I hope this site can be salvaged. Your right, at 40$ a head they owe it to us. I feel ripped off.

The guy that owns this site hasn't been near it in months maybe it's a health issue I dunno but as is it's a goner.

Lots of other places like
Kispiox Special

There is no such thing as a moderator on this forum. They just take your money and run. Thank god I would never pay for a bunch of children posting on a fishing forum.

not getting da service promised? i would just cancel credit card transaction, that will get them to pay attention 2 u.

Don't know if you can cancel credit card transaction after a couple months can ya?? Not that I want to, but would consider if it got attention!!
Trout Bone

there are other sites that have current reports on a daily bases.


Maybe it's time to have some of the people on this site to take over.
if there is any way of getting ahold of the Owners I would be happy to talk to them about Buying the site from them.

This use to be a good site for local information, But as of late has become a site for pissing matches.

I said a few months ago that I would not post here again, but this site can be saved if the owners would just pay attention to it or sell it to someone that would.

If there is any way of getting a response from them please contact me so that I can speak to them about it.


I am with whatever needs to be done to preserve site. I don't think it shoudl be done with one moderator but a couple, so the work load does not become too much.
Sign me up if you like and let me know what if any help I can be.
It is acceptable for some general god humoured fun, but some of these "kids" here need to get a hobby that takes them away from their computer and gets them in the real outdoors to take away some of that energy...
Maybe they could really try fishing...
Cheers folks and best of luck...

I have sent an e-mail to the owners and I will call them in the next day or 2 if there is no answer to my e-mail.

Lets see if I can't buy it, maybe all of us can get together and buy it and have it as community owned site, we will se what happens but it is going in the right direction.


I am with you Rick, let's hope we hear something back and can get rid of just a couple of the really annoying folks and maybe some sense will fall into the rest of the questionable's.
Cheers and thanks for taking on.

No response as of yet, But I also have a phone # so I will try that tomorrow.


i still don't understand why you guys want to be moderators this site probably is never goingt o be good again

It has potential to become very good. Just need to get rid of some of the jerks and do some advertising to get the name out once again.

With the reports section, it needs updateing but could be GREAT with some TLC

I don't own a forum, I do have a website and a blog that is currently under construction.

I have written a book on fly fishing for the beginner and the book/website/blog is all being re-done by a web designer at this time. I have thought about getting a forum going for some time now, But haven't had the time to start one.

I really do think this site has the potential to be very good again. There are many other sites that are Very good, and I belong to a few, But for Local (Up to Hope) info this is a good site with the need of some tweaking and some house cleaning.


It seems to some of us it is worth saving the bones of this site. Just throwing in the towel is a way to go I guess, but I myself have enjoyed many posts and individuals, it doesn't seem too big a deal to moderate.
Like I said before, it is just a few that make it annoying. Wipe them out and put a few others on notice, and I bet this site could rock again if we could keep updated and current.
Hopefully you will see it through as well and be a positive contributor,,,if not, no worries, enjoy whatever site you choose to partake in.
Good fishin to us all!

i would like to save this site. infact i wouldn't mind posting fishign reports on the report section. but i am not a memebr on a posting guy on this. btw pls but this site and make it more updated.

i too noticed this site was not updated in many years. thankfully I did not pay before I found that out. perhaps if it was kept up to date I would be willing to spend my hard earned money. I also take exception to those immature people who were posting on here. I am certainly happy I did not pay to read that crap. I'd be willing to be a moderator on here as well for the privelege of free membership. although I would want the ability to suspend and delete accounts if I received complaints from other members. Not sure where Yak was when that bs was going on here but assume if he is not being paid he is out fishing or working. ED




I have e-mailed, and today I phoned and got the answering machine of the domain company.

I did leave a message, but don't hold much hope in contacting them this way.
I will try to do some research to find the owners but once again this is a long shot.


fishnforlife, do you not get that it is responses just like you posted that get the BS started that we are attempting to clean up?
Leave the petty remarks alone, and ignore please..or you are as guilty as the others that we are trying to clean out.

it is also posts like that that get people mad tellinmg what to do maybe you should stop.

fishinforlife, maybe you ought to heed chevy55's advice. I don't think he meant it in an adversarial way but as a courtesy. you are not helping things when someone is interested in updating or cleaning up this web site. Ed

i don't need your input at the moment ed.
sugar magnolia

fishforlife youre remarks truly show youre age.
Kispiox Special

I have never laughed so hard in all my life.

Anywho - even when you email any of the companies that are listed as "having discounts from Sharphooks" - (ie. STS Guiding) - THOSE companies tell me that "I've never been on that site, neither have I spoken via email to anyone who owns the site."

SMELLS FISHY! How can a website offer discounts to other companies, when they have never spoken with an owner.

I've emailed all the companies that are listed on Sharphooks to try and find a contact name/number/email. But chances are no one is at the helm of this sinking ship, and someone better get into the wheelhouse FAST,while the rest man the lifeboats.

Pull up the crab traps, boys!
sugar magnolia

I nominate you kispiox to be the new mod,Hows that,lol

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