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Author Topic: Fish'n Canada BC Bass Fishing Episode, Airs Saturday, Oct 13 at 10:30am

Check out this week's episode of Fish'n Canada Show when Mike and Ang go hunting for a record BC Bass in the Okanagan Valley.

For pics see:

Great to finally see a tv show showcasing the great bass fishing BC has to offer.

hey thanks! I've set DVR to record it, and I appreciate it.

btw anyone ordered the world fishing network on shaw?

i saw it its not very good

they caught some pretty nice bass including a 6lb and a 5lb largie, overall i thought it was not bad

i liked the scenery but bc doesn't fit for bass they should ahve been fishing for trout or salmon

should have except they went to BC to do some of the best bass fishing in Canada

Why would you fish for bass, when you can fish for Coho?

All these guys ever fish for is Bass back in Ontario. And they only seem to fish Southern Ontario (Toronto area). Why is it called the "Fishin' Canada Show"? They barely ever leave Ontario. It should be called the Fishin' Ontario Show. The reason they fished for Bass instead of Coho, or Springs, or Chum, or any other Salmon, is because all they can catch is Bass. I guarrantee that these guys would have no clue how to short float with wool on the Vedder, or even know how to set up a Bar Rig with a Spin n' Glow on the Fraser.

Bass taste like crap, and they're the easiest fish to catch because they're so agressive. Absolutely anyone could catch a Bass (largemouth or smallmouth). Not everyone can catch Salmon.

The Fishin' Canada Show hosts are shitty anglers, who couldn't catch a Coho if they're lives depended on it. They like to use the trebble hooks which are legal in Ontario, and that's why they like to fish there (its easier to catch fish).

Enough said!

HAHAHAHA...yeah flossing is a real tough technique. I've gone fishing for's about as easy as trout fishing man. They just get bigger, faster. I honestly think it's retarded when people say bass are easier to catch(no offense). ALL FISH ARE STUPID.

I spent the first 25 years of my life fishing for both large mouth and small mouth bass in Ontario and trust me, they're a lot more easier to catch than any other fish (including trout). Unless you lived out East and fished out there (for both small mouth and large mouth bass), you have no idea what you're talking about exkamloops guy!

Perhaps because you lived out east for so long you've learned how to fish them well. I find it easier to catch trout...perhaps because I've lived here my whole life. Wierd how that works, eh?

you know salmon fishing isnt all its cracked up to be either dude...... flossing fish on their way up stream to spawn and die holds about as much sport as grouse hunting with a shotgun....I went bass fishing expecting and easy time, and it took alot of time and efort to hook in to good sized fish.
The term "lesser fish", is F*&^'n stupid,get over your self
and get into dentistry!
river-rod dyl

salmon fishing is a lot harder than you think... ur not flossing or snagging fish.. and you dont kill them if they have turned dark so do you even no what you are talking about buddy... maybe when u catch something that weighs more than a pound than you can say something but for now have fun with your 10 inch fish..

hahahahahahahahahahahaha lol bass are better than salmon?

all bAZZ caught in bc should be chucked into the garden bed.
river-rod dyl

shut up fishinforlife, u think bass are better than salmon thats a joke.. the only reason u think that is cuz u cant catch a salmon and you have caught like one or two bass in ur life!!

your a fuckin tard buddy i am laughing about saying bass are better than salmon i was being sarcastic idiot. you have never caught a bass in you life
river-rod dyl

yeah and u have never caught a salmon in your life

alright sure i caught a nice sockeye this year in the fraser i caught it in the tail with a buzz bomb i bagged it it was nice and chrome

Fishing forum > Fish'n Canada BC Bass Fishing Episode, Airs Saturday, Oct 13 at 10:30am


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