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anyone fish there


Oh yea there is fish in there! I Went pass it today with my dog, I saw many coho jumping and holding in some of the rapids, and a considerable amount of chum in some of the pools. iwas lower down by bridgeman park where you can walk your dog. Im going to be heading to lynn creek tomorow tocast a line in hopefully iw ill catch something. also teh river is very muddy so make sure to use spinnes or stuff with bright colours.

the run of coho is litle to none. but i heard that they have always gotten a consistent amount of chum every year. tehre are soem nice deep pools in lynn creek as well as rapids. be careful because taht river can get really high really quick because its not damn controlled.
river-rod dyl

hey biggame, i hate to break it to you but either you have mistaken the spot that fishinforlife is talking about or you just dont no what hell your talking about. You wont see coho jumping in a little creek like that, and there isnt chum sitting in pools plus that river is very clear.

Check it out yourself river rod gay; the water is not clear right now it is stained and the coho are moving up pretty quickly. ps learn how to fish i went there the other day agian with my dog tehre where two other guys there fishing they said they both lost coho.
river-rod dyl

river rod gay, buddy thats actually the dumbest comeback i have ever seen, and just to tell you i live right beside the lynn creek and there aint coho and chum in there so you should be the one to learn how to fish.

wow buddy your the biggest fag ive ever met have you ever caught a fish in you life? you should take soem lessons. you probably go down to rivers and sang fish you poacher

biggame shut up you loner, go jerk it to your boyfriend.
stink finger

why are there so many assholes on this site

This site is pathetic, thanx to all you who try to post legitimately, but i can no longer waste my time with this junk. Hope to see all you real men @ Tight lines.

buddy leave then noyone cares
river-rod dyl

or maybe biggame your just a fucking retard who doesnt no shit all about anything... you have more chances catching a salmon in a lake than you do in that river.. also get a fucking life, go walk yur dog somemore cuz no one actually likes you, you homo!

Fishing forum > Lynn Creek


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