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Author Topic: Ode to Bow-Slayer... and his hot girlfriend

I'm sick, and loaded up on meds. So since we've all been galking at boy-slayer's hot fishing girlfriend. I figured I start a waste of time, fun post..

Post a picture of you're girl thread.... how un-pc.

fisher 696

Gorgeous.....I perceive her as being high maintenance.

Mines a little squeamish..we were getting some fat whitefish on doc spratlys in the middle of the stave.


none what so ever, probably the least amount of maintenance out of any other girl i've dated. smart as hell too.

this is a fishing sight buddy...why the hell are you showing your girlfriend... no one cares about that!

Eddy why the hell would you wanna show that I'd be pretty embarassed if I were you!!!

Hey Donohoe9, maybe you should be looking on a gay pornsite


someones gonna find me a girlfriend so i so i can post a picture too right? the 3 qualities i'm looking for in a girl are? low maintenance, likes to fish, likes girls. (4: is over 18 ). we can go on a fishing date
fisher 696

I'm glad to hear that my perception is off. I have often found that beautiful women have issues...........This thread reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw a while back....... Woman wanted. Must have boat and motor, be able to cook, sew, clean fish and dig worms. Please send picture of boat and motor......I thought it was kinda funny.

Hey "itchies_crabshack", nice picture of your girl and her catch. But...does she really fish in a SKIRT?

beefeater is what i named my last car. i dont know where i stored the finished pictures but you get the idea. too bad your girlfriend is already taken (by you) damn

LoL, what a crappy car hahaha!

ya, you could only drive it downhill. lol

Fishing forum > Ode to Bow-Slayer... and his hot girlfriend


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