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Well I just bought my self a 16' foot boat and have taken it out on the Indian arm fishing a couple times. Was using those plastic heads that you pin anchovies in. Mooched those and caught about 15 lingcod in the two days I was out. All were under 3 pounds and released.

Does anyone else fish the Indian arm? I'm looking to catch anything big. I know I should probably be out on the fraser, but I'm new to boating and need to take baby steps for moment.

hi ironman777. just wondering if you knew about the rockfish conservation areas in indian arm. there are 3 separate areas and there is no fishing allowed in RCA zones. Like i said i don't know if you are aware of the RCA's. heres the link to the main dfo site for area 28.

cates park and farther up the arm has soem late late pinks still coming in but theres few

Wow buddy, why the hell would you waste your time fishing for small little pinks in your 16" foot boat.

Wow buddy, why the hell would you waste your time fishing for small little pinks in your 16" foot boat.

Wow fishingforlife you obviously don't know anything about fishing, you might as well quit for life!! You FAG!!

im a fag sure buddy learn how to fucking talk shithead

El nino, yes I'm aware of the restrictions. To the best of my map reading ability, I remained in the safe zones. As far as mooching with anchovies, well the guy at the tackle store said that would be the best bet if we were looking to catch a variety.

Fishingforlife, I'll try the cates park area next time I make it out on those waters. Any tackle recommendations?

As far as fishing for pinks with a 16' foot boat goes... fishing is only fun for me when it's about variety. I want to catch species I've yet to catch, (ie. pinks and my carp thread floating around) fish different styles and fish places that are new to me.

I'm an expert at bottom fishing the fraser with worms for whatever will bite (usually whitefish and bullheads). That's all I used to do as a kid but it eventually grew old. My passion was only rekindled when I started to go to different places randomly on a whim and see what I could catch. So going after 'small' pinks in my boat sounds like a good time to me.
fisher 696

To me too. Forget done a ho.

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