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i was fishign today with my bud we went to teh fraser i hooked and landed 14 pinks i also managed to land a beatiful chrome twelve pund coho female. iw as so suprised taht i got a coho, whats teh biggest coho youve caught? there where many boats and othere people managing only one or two fish i have a secret thing i do that drives pinks and maybe the od coho crazy. its called my secret method. anyway good luck and tight lines
river-rod dyl

tight lines??? pretty cool thing to say fishinforlife!

ya im wishing people luck you have a prob with that?

river-rod dyl

your cool... the only time ur line gets tight is when u gotta snag on the bottom not when a fish is on lol

or when a hook a huge fish. asshole

fisher 696


Grammar of children anyhow...hahahaha

Those are great numbers.
Are the pinks still running up the Fraser??
Where did you get your pinks???
I think I'll fish the Haney Warf today.

i was higher up on th efraser soem whre kinda coloured but i ahd five that where just fine. but i don't keep the pinks because in a couple of years thats all thats gunna be left

Fishing forum > great day on the river


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