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Anyone have any great ideas where some great hot trout fishing spots may be this weekend within a 150km radious of the lower mainland??
Any and all input is greatly appreciated!!

Chehalis Lake
Sayaers Lake

more popular lakes
Alice Lake
river-rod dyl

rice lake

river-rod dyl

yeah good old 2 inchers... they give a hell of a fight

snap there heads off and fry em up
river-rod dyl

you can eat them like french fries!


buddy i was kidding bout that

Thanks folks for your serious input....yeah right!!!

buddy go learn your own ways of cathcing trout.

hey chevy55. try for sure buntzen lake and sasamat lake in poco. other good ones are lafarge, mill in abby and allouette in maple ridge.all these lakes get the lions share of stockings from the hatchery. Ahem...i would however avoid latimer lake in surrey. its been neglected by the city and has seen better days. Its was a good spot in the late nineties though.

Thanks el-nino...I may try next weekend...though the cabin and a friend on the Island are vying for tim...but will keep in mind for a future fishing trip.
Cheers man,

fishnfor life...who you talking to? I hope you're comment was directed somwhere else...and meant innocently, as aggression is not needed here I do not think!

chevy55 i am just replying to your post about or seriousness in catching trout me and a river rod dyl where just joking around and you said thanks for your serious input i just reponded back to what you said.

Got it worries my friend... probably was a tad jumpy on that one I guess...

I never have luck on buntzen on sasamat.
for trout, I go up mamquam forest service road, about 10 km.
theres a bridge, shortly after the hydro station, fish there.

I don't really know any good spots myself, most are crowded. In the lower mainland, that is. I think there are nice spots near harrison hot springs, hope, etc. But haven't really explored them yet.

Another good place to try is Albert Dyck Park in abbotsford. It's close to the border and the airport. I doubt there's trout, but there are lots of bass. You'll be sure to catch some (i fished from the west side). Not a very scenic spot though.

oops, sorry, the west side is private, i fished from the east.
D Rock

I do a lot of my local fishing around Harrison. If you go up the west side of the lake there are some decent lakes. Francis is good little lake as well as Wood. Weaver is supposed to be ok but i have never fished it as I usually fish smaller lakes. You won't cathc anything huge, but i have pulled trout up to 2 pounds out of those lakes. They aren't very smart which makes them easy to catch.

If you want to get anything real good you have to head up the towards merrit area. The Kane valley has some awesome lakes withc big fish(up to 10 pounds). It is about a 3 hour drive from the lower mainland but the is really good road access and lots of camping


buntzen lake is filled with trout. lynn creek has a lot of trout as well. rice lake is good too.
river-rod dyl

same with the creek in ur backyard fishinforlife lol
fish on

You need to travel about 2 and a half to three hours to get into lakes that have decent size (20 inch plus)trout in them, Pike mountain lake area, North of Princeton in the mountains, or the Merrit area.

You don't need to travel that far to get nice trout.
Chevy55, e-mail me @ I'll let you in on a couple spots that produce pretty good for me.

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