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Hi guys I'm hoping to get out this weekend to either Deer Lake or Burnaby lake to hopefully catch a carp. I've never fished for them before, so I dont really know the best way to go. Any suggestions would be great.

well i have only fished once for carp before and that was at hatzic lake so i dont know much . but this is what i heard burnaby lake ,it has big carp averaging 5 to 15 pounds but the lake there is quite dirty and a few people say the carp taste really akward but if catch and release is the objective, this lake is perfect. deer lake does not have many carp and the average there is about 2or 3 pounds but the carp are much cleaner . your setup is simple any rod and reel will do .but the most important thing you must know when fishing for carp is your line test,if your fishing for bigger carp dont use anymore than 10pound , smaller carp 5pound test carp will observe your bait and if it sees that you your using a heavy line test line they will leave the bait so this step is quite critical . when i went to hatzic we used the classic CORN and got some strong hits . but other recipes include bread/cheese mixtures round up into a ball and corn meal mixtures .if your using bread round it up into a little ball and cover the whole hook only leaving the point slightly . once casted , leave your rod on a stick or rod holder and do not retrive carp are bottum feeders and rarely attack so leave your bait on the bottum . your line will become tense and then just wait for the hit . but you have to ract fast to these hits . there is no regs for carp in bc . good luck ironman777

Thanks Coto.

I have a lot of experience bottom fishing the fraser with bar rigs. But Im guessing a bar rig may be a little obvious if theyre sensitive to the lb test of the line.

I've never fished with corn. Would you just cover the entire hook with kernels?


yeah about 4 or 5 kernels should do , it all depends on your size of hook but remember you have to be really patient for these fish and be ready to yank when you see or feel a hit.
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Park in the rowing club parking lot, find the walking trails on the south side of the lake. You may have to bushwack a little bit to get to the lake shore. There are a number of feeding channels that the fish have worn into the bottom near shore, find one. Using a stink bait of some type with a float or bobber, sit back, relax and wait for action. Good luck & DON"T eat them. I have canoed through a few times and have seen carp leave HUGE pressure waves on the surface. I believe that there are fish in there that weigh in the 20-30 lbs range.

Thanks everyone for the tips. Here's an update.

I went there on a friday as it was getting dark to scout out the spot that I'd be fishing. I found a path from the trail to the shore and decided I would fish there the next day. The next day I got there in the early evening to throw the line in for an hour or two. Well the spot I had found was covered in lilly pads and appeared to be very shallow and got deep very slowly. Dissapointed, I went to the fraser to catch a few whitefish and bullhead before the sun went down.

I may go walk around the lake to find a better spot. But I'm hearing a lot about the pinks lately, so carp will be put on hold for the moment.

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