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OK lets make a vote coho or pinks. one word answers. i say COHO
river-rod dyl



river-rod dyl

it is coho or pinks not trout..... can you read fish4fun

I still vote for Trout!
Hook Set

is this even a question???

river-rod dyl

the only reason you vote for trout is that you cant catch a fish that is bigger than an inch.

alright stop the hating. trout are good fish.

lol, i dont think so buddy.
river-rod dyl

yeah sure fishinforlife....
you cant even start this column.. u have never caught a coho in your life... so dont talk.

wtf are you talking about i caught coho. every type of slamon except for a sockeye

i caught a chum today riverrod dyl

River rod dyl tlaking about me snaggin up and freezing my ass off today fishing. Call me on my cell ill tell you about the ten pound chum i caught casting in the ocean.
The trout


really fishinforlife , caught a 10pounder chum NICE ! was it chrome ? where were you casting , what you using . i would love to try it in the the ocean or lowerfraser since the fish are still quite fresh fish at that point . tell me your technique and you got a picture really want to see thanks.

hey coto, yea the fish was fresh from the ocean i was using a yellow and green buzz bomb 2 1/2. i was casting off of bowen island on the shore. it was high tide and the fish where finning and jumping i saw some chrome coho jumping as well i was at seymour bay at high tide in the evening. the fish hold there because they run up terminal creek on bowen island i went by the the mouth of the creek and saw tons of fish. i checked the lagoon where the fish spawn and saw a few chums. i went by the fish aldder and saw some large coho jumping up it. they must of moved in with the rain. another good palce to fish on bowen is tunstall bay and by hutt island you can fish off the shore but the times you go is from january-april. cho and springs to be had. cast far way out there.
river-rod dyl

wasnt this topic to decide what was better coho and pink... not to talk about ur little chum you caught from some beach.

haven't seen you catching anything
river-rod dyl

i have been fishing longer than you and i have caught many more fish than you so you cant talk at all.

river-rod dyl, your pathetic.
I bet you never even caught a salmon before.

fish4fun do you fly or use a spinnign rod for trout?
river-rod dyl

im pathetic fishn4fun... ur the one that choosed trout over salmon just cuz u cant handle something that tears out line, and by the way why are you even in this conversation this was about me and my bud and we were just kidding around.... also i have caught many salmon i have been fishing for quite sometime while you have been focusing on catching your little 8 inch trout!
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