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Again, new to serious (somewhat) fishing, and my friends who say they know something turns out they don't!
The wedding bands I buy are usually on a 6-8" leader line. Today I tore one apart to put on an 18" leader line of 6lb test...Question: is this what you typically do with a purchased wedding band? Or do you add a lenngth of line to the existing? seems multiple knots if you add just add to the disraction of the slimmer line you are going for.
ANy insights is, as always, appreciated.
Cheers all!

I never use the line and knots that come with wedding bands that are store bought. I always rethread them with 4 pound test, which is ideal for rainbow fishing.

Crap, I did it with 4lb test first, then thought it may be too light...especially if my 4 year old got one on, so I went to 6lb...Ah well, live and learn from the experience I always say...thanks man!!
Now I know, re-line upon purchase...I just wonder why they put them on too short, too heavy line to begin with??
Oh well, use for what you need...that is why I asked...thought it should be right, but wasn't sure!

Next question, is the loop to join it to the spinner the correct way to join...or should you tie it like you normally do to a hook each time?
The loop seems like a barbaric way of joining one line to another (or swivel), but I may be over analizing...
But, the correct way of joining these two line is appreciated.

HaHAH! Your catching it, soon you will be building your own lures, then flys then rods. next you'll be outfitting your boat truck and camper!

Does anyone know a good place to buy bulk fishing lure "parts" such as wedding band beads and spinners? I find it hard to believe that I couldn't make those myself for less than the $4.00 Crappy Tire sells them for...

Hey Roxy, I am uncertain of cost, but all parts usually can be found at your local bait and tackle store...I know Berry's Bait and Tackle in Richmond carry all that type of thing to build your own.
Good luck

Yup, been though this, stick to the bead shops, when you start buying from the tackle shops, you will find it will almost cost as much to buy the parts. There are some items, you will have to buy at the tackle shops, like the little c-clips, that you hang your leak/flasher from, and the leaf as well. I get the band itself from a bead shop next to Hub Sports in Abbotsford, One of the best place to buy the leafs from is Army and Navy in Langley. But shop around, remembering that some of the small mom & pop tackle shops are rather pricey.

Fishing forum > Wedding Bands


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